USS Sutherland NCC-72105

The Alpha Quadrant as of late has been going through a massive upheaval on a political scale. With the sudden formation of the Alrakis Pact consisting of the Breen Confederacy, Tzenkethi Coalition, Talarian Empire and the Ravagers; Starfleet has moved to dispatch ships and activate old stations to counter act their sudden declaration. Since the formation of this pack, protests have begun springing up on the border colony worlds along the Cardassian Union and the entire border of the Federation in the Alpha Quadrant. The USS Sutherland has been assigned to the Wasteland area of space to reinforce the position of Starfleet, after the sudden appearance and then disappearance of Alrakis Pact ships in the area.

Come join the Sutherland and her crew, to explore, protect and defend the Federation and her allies.

Latest Mission Posts

» Medical Check-in

Mission: Wounded Pride
Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Lieutenant Talena Arlin

Now they were back aboard ship Skylar made her way to Sickbay to see Lieutenant Arlin. As she walked into Sickbay she smiled politely. "Lieutenant, I owe you an apology for not seeking your help when I cut my hand down on the planet."

"Don't worry too much about it.…

» Restored Faith

Mission: Wounded Pride
Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 5:09pm by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander Andrea Sumner & Lieutenant Liam Holt & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Lieutenant T'Risa & Lieutenant Talena Arlin & Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen

"Captain's log supplemental: It has been twelve hours since the Sutherland arrived in orbit of the third planet of a newly discovered system, and since that time an away team is getting ready to transport down via runabout to the planet; since the subspace distortion practically makes transporting impossible without…

» Sleepless First Night

Mission: Wounded Pride
Posted on Sun Aug 18th, 2019 @ 10:17pm by Lieutenant Talena Arlin & Lieutenant Finn Herrick

Finn's body twisted and turned, beads of sweat dripping down his face. "Noooooo," he yelled, grabbing the air. His eyes flew open, he blinked a few times and then reality sunk in. He was onboard the Sutherland - not back in that shuttle. "Damn it; every single time I try…

» Getting Settled

Mission: Wounded Pride
Posted on Sun Aug 18th, 2019 @ 10:17pm by Lieutenant Talena Arlin & Captain James Tyson Sr.

"I was actually talking to one of the other officers about the names for the type-6 shuttles," Dr. Arlin was happily chattering away to a couple nurses even as she rearranged the technical supply area to get it just right. "Apparently they were Presidents of an Earth nation called the…

» Reporting for duty

Mission: Wounded Pride
Posted on Sat Aug 17th, 2019 @ 6:27pm by Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Captain James Tyson Sr.

Skylar stood outside the Captain's Ready Room, she nervously tugged her uniform jacket down as she'd noticed a lot of people do. Pressing the door chime she waited for an answer.

"Come in," replied Edward as he retrieved a cup of hot coffee and steamed milk from the nearby replicator…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log, Chief Science Officer, Entry 1

Posted on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 6:46pm by Lieutenant T'Risa

Call me Ishmael.

I have always found it fascinating that my father, for all his insistence on a life of concentration on scientific pursuit, and his retreat from the universe at large into Vulcan society, is often a reliable source of knowledge concerning human fiction, legends and myths. The novel…

» Developments

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 10:55am by Captain James Tyson Sr.

Captain's log Stardate 65053.37 (May 9th, 2389 1:50 pm.)

It has been an experience since the Sutherland has launched from the San Francisco, we arrived at Starbase 214 without incident; during that time my Chief Science Officer transferred over to SB 214 to head up their Science Department of the…

» Adjusting

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 3:57pm by Captain James Tyson Sr.

Captain's log first entry:

It has been four years since I was in command of a starship, and in that short span of time I missed every day I was away. Most would call it being greedy especially since I had 32 years of command experience, others would call it…