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Captain Bradly Newman

Name Bradly Newman PhD

Position Guest Captains

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

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Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
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Personal History Captain Bradley “Brad” Newman is commanding officer of the Nova-class USS Tyche, a scientist by training he joined Starfleet after completing his masters in exobiology.

He served in a number of research positions early in his career, rising to Chief Science Officer aboard the Sangril-La. After completing his command qualifications and earning promotion to Commander he was quickly made the XO the USS Sangril-La, an Excelsior-class more than a few decades past her prime and affectedly referred to as the “tug” by her crew. Having to be rescued by a tug on more than one occasion. In 2380 the tug was finally decommissioned, and Commander Newman was made XO aboard the Intrepid-class USS Sumartra, he would eventually Captain her as his first command. Despite his teal-collared background he has severed with distinction in combat and now as a command officer is known for his level head and logical approach to problems. In 2386 he was assigned command of the newly commissioned Nova-class USS Tyche. In 2389 the Tyche was part of the Sutherland Task Group deployed to the Wastelands.
Service Record 2340 - Born - Vancouver, Earth

2357-2361 - Undergraduate Studies (Biology) - University of British Columbia
2361-2363 - Masters of Exobiology - University of Betazed
2363-2364 - Starfleet Academy
2364-2366 - Ensign, Biologist - USS Porton Down
2366-2368 - Lieutenant JG, Biology Division Head - USS Porton Down
2368-2371 - Lieutenant, Biological Research Team Leader, Project "Oculus"
2371-2374 - Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer - USS Quebec
2374-2376 - Lieutenant Commander, Chief Science Officer - USS Sangril-La
2376-2376 - Commander, Chief Science Officer - USS Sangril-La
2376-2380 - Commander, Executive Officer - USS Sangril-La
2380-2382 - Commander, Executive Officer - USS Sumatra
2382-2385 - Commander, Commanding Officer - USS Sumatra
2385-2386 - Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Sumatra
2386-PRES - Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Tyche