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Rear Admiral Julius Woodard

Name Julius Harvey Woodard Sr

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 245lbs
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall with a slight Wrestler's build. Clean shaven no facial marks


Spouse Justine Cranford
Children Julius Harvey Woodard Jr: Lieutenant: Chief Tactical/Security Officer: USS Victoria NCC-65100
Harvey Benjamin Woodard: Lieutenant Junior Grade: Head of Shuttle Maintenance: Starbase 11
Adriana Madison Woodard-Clarke: Teacher: Earth History: Stanford University, Earth.
Father Solomon Julius Woodard (Retired Commodre: Former Commanding Officer Starbase 21)
Mother Beverly Jean Anderson (Retired Commander: Former Director of Rare Disease: Starfleet Medical/Earth)
Brother(s) Walter Daniel Woodard: Captain: Commanding Officer: USS Chancellor NCC-51530
Paul Gregory Woodard: Commodore: Sector Strategic Operations Officer: Starbase 115
Sister(s) Jackie Woodard Nelson: Lieutenant Commander: Head Nurse: USS Cleveland NCC-41459
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Julius may come off as a nice guy but when it comes to business he is very serious and straight forward. His experience in fighting the Klingons and the Dominion have given him a slight complex when he notices weakness in others; as he believes that weak leaders and commanding officers lead to a lack of discipline within the ranks. Does believe that politics should be absent within Starfleet, but understands that isn't possible; especially when dealing with other alien races.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History julius grew up on Earth and was born October 12,2334 to Solomon Woodard and Beverly Jean Anderson. He was the second oldest child as his sister Jackie is older than him by two and half years. He is the oldest boy, and he grew up within the ranks of starfleet family. After graduating Secondary School, Julius was accepted into Starfleet Academy and started attending in 2352. After four years as the Academy he graduated with the Class of 2352 with the rank of Ensign. After spending two months on Earth with his family members he was assigned as operations officer aboard the USS Roosevelt. During his second year aboard the Roosevelt he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and due to a lack of senior officer positions on the Roosevelt he put in for a transfer. He was transferred over to the USS Victory under the command of Captain Zimbata as their new Chief of Operations. During his years on the Victory he served Geordi LaForge, and when Geordi transferred to the Enterprise Julius remained on the Victory. In 2366 Captain Zimbata promoted Julius to Commander and made him the Executive Officer. In 2370 Captain Pauline Standwick was being considered to being promoted to the admiralty, and so under the encouragement of Captain Zimbata, Julius transferred to the USS Hornet as the new XO, and later in 2371 when Captain Standwick was promoted to Rear Admiral and transferred he was given command of the Hornet with the rank of Captain. Julius commanded the Hornet during the Klingon/Federation War and then the Dominion War; and also was apart of the rebuilding effort until 2378. While the Hornet was undergoing a 6 month refit, the entire crew was transferred to the USS Alpino newly constructed Intrepid class starship. Julius commanded the Alpino until 2386 when he was offered the position of Strategic Operations for Sector 11 at Starbase 11 and promoted to Commdore. After serving in that position for three years and finding strategic ways to combat a surging Romulan presence since the Hobus Incident; was promoted to Rear Admiral and transferred to Task Force 72 to serve as their new Executive Officer.

In 2358 while serving on the Victory Julius was on leave back home on Earth for six months and during that time he met and fell in love with a beautiful young scientist Justine who was posted aboard the USS Vico a deep space exploration Oberth class vessel. After a six month romance the two were married and Justine transferred to work as a Senior Science officer aboard the Victory.

In 2360 his first son Julius Jr was born, and in 2362 his daughter Adriana was born and in 2365 his last son Harvey Benjamin was born. In 2366 when Julius was promoted to the Victory's first officer the family received extended quarters due to the fact that they did not want to be separated. In 2371 when Julius took over the Hornet the family remained onboard until 2372 when was with the Klingons and the Federation broke out; Julius' family relocated to Earth and was actually away from Earth in 2375 when Earth was attacked by Breen forces.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2352-2356: Graduated 25 out 315. Rank upon graduation: Ensign
USS Roosevelt NCC-2573: (2356-2358):Excelsior class: Operations Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade: 2358
Transferred to USS Victory as Chief Operations Officer 2358
USS Victory NCC-9754: Constellation Class: Chief Operations Officer (2358-2370)
Promoted to Lieutenant 2360
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 2364
Reassigned to Executive Officer 2366
Promoted to Commander 2367
Transferred to USS Hornet NCC-45231
USS Hornet NCC-45231: Renaissance Class:Executive Officer (2370-2371)
Promoted to the rank of Captain 2371
USS Hornet NCC-45231: Renaissance Class: Commanding Officer:(2371-2378)
*Participated in Klingon/Federation War
*Participated in Dominion War
USS Alpino NCC-81446: Intrepid Class: Commanding Officer (2378-2387)
Promoted to Rear Admiral Lower Half: 2386
Assigned as Sector Operations: Sector 21: 2386-2389
Office: Starbase 2157
Promoted to Rear Admiral Upper Half
Assigned as Executive Officer: Sector 72: 2389-Present
Office: Starbase 72