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Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot

Name Jennifer Jurot

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 121lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Jennifer enjoys taking her time in ensuring she looks as good as she can on and off duty. She either has her hair down by her shoulders or up in a style.


Spouse First Husband: Lieutenant Commander Thomas Cole - Former Residence: Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Honshu (KIA); Second Husband: Captain John Nadal - Current Residence: Commanding Officer USS McKinley
Children Heather Jurot - Current Residence: DS-19
Ensign William Jurot - Current Residence: USS Atlas
Father Retired Admiral Vidor Jurot - Current Residence: Quintana Bay, Betazed
Mother Ambassador Charlotte Jurot - Current Residence: San Francisco, Earth
Brother(s) Captain Roget Jurot - Current Residence: Commanding Officer, USS Conestoga
Sister(s) Commander Juliet Jurot - Current Residence: Medic, USS Entente
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jennifer is pretty open-minded to all situations and takes her work seriously. Some times this has caused a lot of friction with various family members. She enjoys the company of her family and is particularly close with both her children.

Jennifer is strong physically and enjoys many forms of combat training. She takes those she leads under her wing and becomes very protective of them.

The loss of the Iliad is something that scares Jennifer and haunts her dreams. She can't overcome the notion that everyone died during the Battle of Kovar on the ship and she was the only one saved from death. She carries this burden with her every day, however her change of scenery has given her a new source of strength to carry on with her duties with Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses As part of her service to the fleet, Jennifer has received the following medals and citations:

Presidential Unit Citation
Starfleet Cross
Commandants Letter of Commendation
Starfleet Academy Graduation
Dedicated Service Ribbon 10 Years (Klingon Conflict, Dominion Campaign, Chintoka Campaign, Battle for DS9, Battle for Cardassia, Cardassian Occupation Force)
Purple Heart
Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
Christopher Pike Medal of Valour
Ambitions Jennifer would one day like to return to the centre seat of her own ship once she feels confident emotionally.
Hobbies & Interests Poker, Reading, Swimming, Running, Surfing and Combat training are among her interests when off duty.

Personal History Jennifer wasn’t born to the aristocracy of Betazed although her family was related to the seventh house they were considered to be a lesser part of the house. She never had any friends in the seventh house and more than once as she got older she had many disagreements with some of the other children and adults in the house. For many years she was the outcast who was always looking out for her little sister. When she graduated to secondary school her family moved to Earth. By this time her empathic/telepathic powers were becoming very apparent.

When they reached Earth Jennifer never wanted to leave. She was the popular one for once in her life. On Earth there was no royalty to rule everything. She would often go out after school with her friends. Her best friend in the whole world was Lily Hanaoka. They both joined the soccer team in their last year at middle school.

In high school Jennifer started dating Alex Ligeti. Through freshmen year they dated but broke up a year later. Once they broke up Jennifer started looking toward where her life was going. She could follow her mother and be a dignitary. Or she could join Starfleet like her father. She talked to Lily about what to do and they both decided to join the academy when they got out of high school. In junior year she joined the soccer team again along with Lily. Soccer was fun but it was getting a little dull. She eventually joined the gymnastics team. Jennifer had a gift people said. She was good made it all the way to the federation finals. She placed second in the all around competition but got first in the uneven bars.

Starfleet Academy
When they got to the academy Jennifer thought she might as well put her athletic background to good use and join security. From the moment she walked on to the campus she felt at home. She made friends fast but some people only wanted to be near a celebrity. But she had, at least at the time, no intention of being Thomas Cole’s friend or anything more. Cole, another 1st year cadet, seemed to be interested in Jennifer from the moment he saw her. He just wouldn’t stop. One day when she was outside studying by the edge of the pond in the courtyard of the Academy, he decided to put his head down on her lap and ask her out for the fifth time that week. So she pushed him into the pond. The caretaker of the grounds, Boothby, noticed the altercation and thought he might as well put his infinite wisdom to good use. He told Jennifer to give him a shot, she obviously liked the attention, he said. Of course Jennifer disagreed, but said she’d think about it.

The next day she tried again. Jennifer finally figured that she would go on one date with him and that was that. She expected that he would take her out to a bar and they would have a few drinks. But he took her out to a fancy restaurant and used up most of his credits. Jennifer had to admit she had a very nice time. The two went to the mixer together and Jennifer did her best to avoid the section of the room with her father’s picture on the wall but Boothby saw them and just had to gloat, telling Tom that Jennifer was the daughter of an admiral and how lucky he was.

When she and ten others were assigned to a 4th year cadet she was skeptical. But when she met the cadet and found out that he had already graduated from the academy she could see the wisdom in it. 6th Year Cadet John Nadal graduated at the top of his class at the academy and was at the top of his class at command college. Of the fifteen first year cadets in the wing they elected Jennifer to wing XO. At first the two of them would only see each other if it was absolutely necessary. But eventually she found out that they had a lot in common. Tom seemed to be jealous at all the time they spent together.

Jennifer and Tom continued dating throughout her second year. The two of them hit some rough patches, but got through them. She developed a habit of when she saw a mistake or a bad decision she would voice her opinion. This got her in trouble with Professor Neman. They had a disagreement about how battlefield tactical procedures were placed.

The argument became so heated she nearly hit him. But she survived the class and passed with honors and an advanced rating. Even though they had their problems Neman noticed that although she was incredibly insubordinate, Jennifer was a born leader. In her junior year she married Tom and the two of them got a small place in Hawaii they could go to during the breaks. Jennifer’s parents
acted like they didn’t know her anymore. Her mother refused to believe that the two could last or that Tom was a good person. Mainly because he’s human she said. The only one in her family that was behind her was Juliet, even though she said Jennifer’s decision was rash and illogical.

Jennifer then stopped visiting her parents and devoted more time to her studies and to Tom. They went through advanced survival training with about ten other cadets. They all worked together to set up shelter and collect food and water so they could survive. It was the most fun she had in years. In 2369 she gave birth to Heather. The half Betazoid, half human had her mother’s face and her father’s ambition. She told Juliet about this and somehow her mother got wind of it and nearly disowned Jennifer.

Jennifer was put on her first command cruise as an acting ensign. She was stationed on the USS Crazy Horse. There she was in command of beta shift and often was present at staff meetings. When she got back to the Academy it was a little hard to get used to. First off being called cadet again. Also not having any regular officers reporting to her. Jennifer’s senior year was the most hectic year she had ever had. The work was harder the days were longer and being an upper classman she had to set a good example for the new cadets. Since she was on the command track it was her duty to make sure all the new cadets were put through their paces. Each 4th year cadet was assigned a group of 10-15 1st year cadets as a way to get command experience.

At first many of the newer cadets acted like hotshots when they first got to the Academy. Jennifer couldn’t conceive that she or any other seniors acted this way. Jennifer was motivated to make her crew the most professional one at the Academy. She trained them hard and made sure they kept up with their studies.

After midterms the cadets got a 2 week furlough and most left the Academy. Jennifer, Tom, Lily and her boyfriend Anthony were part of the few that stayed at the Academy. Once the break was over the Kobayashi Maru testing would commence. The positions were already decided through lottery. There would be three simulations every day for four days.

Jennifer was to take command of the USS Intrepid in the first simulation. She was immensely proud of that. When the day came she did her best in the simulation, but in the end she could not save the freighter so she ordered the ship out of the neutral zone. She was then entered into the advanced tactical-command program. Later known as Red Squad.

Graduation was magnificent. The Federation anthem, the Academy’s anthem, then all the speeches it was something else. She graduated about in the Top 3% of the class. Jennifer’s family had come but her mother refused to talk to her. But her father, sister and annoying brother didn’t just come to show up. Jennifer and Tom were not assigned to the same post. He was sent to Utopia Planitia and Jennifer was stationed at Starfleet Academy. At the Academy she was stationed as a deck officer. She also gave several lectures to the new command school cadets. But her jobs wasn’t all administration and speeches. She also had to give bad news to some of the cadets who didn’t make the cut for command school and she had help train the new tactical-command students. During the two years at the academy she also took command college.

USS Lakota (NCC-42768)
Her sister Juliet graduated from the field medics program in 2371 and stationed on the USS Voyager. When it was lost, Jennifer almost took a leave of absence. Once Heather was older, Jennifer was stationed on the USS Lakota. Finally she was in space serving on a starship. This was where Jennifer felt most at home. She could tell Heather was enjoying it as well.

In 2372 during Admiral Layton’s coup of the Federation government, Jennifer was assigned to San Francisco during the power outage. Once again she found herself at the Academy. She visited Tom and found out he would have been transferred if it wasn’t for the beefed up security.

One of the days she took Heather to the grounds to the very spot where she pushed Tom into the fountain. It was strange for Jennifer being on the Academy grounds again. All the cadets would stare at her. To the cadets, any officer that wasn’t stationed on Earth was fascinating. Especially one in a red uniform. During the battle between the Lakota and the Defiant, Jennifer was wounded. She spent the next three days at Starfleet Medical for her injuries.

When she recovered, Jennifer served on the Lakota for another year. During that time the Klingons attacked the Lakota and they had to limp back to Federation held space. Then she was transferred to the USS Sutherland. Finally, after three years of marriage, Tom and Jennifer were stationed on the same ship. Heather was now three years old and had started talking in full sentences.

USS Sutherland (NCC-72015)
During the Borg attacks the Sutherland was too far away to do much good but once the Dominion War officially started the Sutherland was on the front lines. They took heavy casualties but they destroyed more Jem Hadar ships than any other ship in the Seventh Fleet during the attack on the Torros III ship yards.

With the war on, they sent Heather back to Earth to live with her brother. When the Seventh Fleet engaged at the Tyra system the Sutherland was heavily damaged and had to be towed to Starbase 192 for repairs. Jennifer was in as bad shape as the Sutherland. She almost lost her left leg to a piece of bulkhead that tore right through it. But the doctors at the base were able to save it. It took her two weeks before she could walk without crutches.

During the time when the Sutherland was undergoing repairs most of the non-engineering crew were temporarily reassigned. Many of them were reassigned to the USS Venture or USS Centaur since both ships had taken heavy casualties. Jennifer was stationed on the Venture for several missions. They originally were to be on the front lines at Vulcan but they were recalled with the Fifth Fleet.

The Venture was in command of galaxy wing 9:1. Once the Defiant broke thought the lines the Venture and seven other Federation and Klingon ships followed suit. When DS9 was retaken the Sutherland was sent to pick up its crew. Most of them were stationed in the Bajoran sector so they were assembled at DS9. The Sutherland was attached to the Ninth Fleet and its crew was given leave on DS9 and Bajor.

Jennifer went to Dax’s party with some of the other Sutherland staff. To her embarrassment she got a little drunk and had to be carried to her quarters. The next morning she was on duty it was the longest shift ever. The Sutherland was heading back to the front with a task force of ten ships from the Ninth Fleet. They were engaged by several Dominion war ships as they went by the Romulan Neutral Zone. Two of the ships were destroyed and several others severely damaged. The Sutherland and the ships that were not severely damaged were diverted to DS9 for the attack on the Chintoka system.

The USS Honshu the ship Tom was stationed on was sent to bring Gul Dukat to a prison camp when it was attacked by three Galor-class destroyers. The survivors said Tom was killed while carrying one of the wounded to an escape pod. Jennifer took the news rather hard as did Heather. After a month of leave Jennifer had her emotions in control and could concentrate on her duties.

The Sutherland was used as one of the many troop carriers of the fleet. All in all it carried over a thousand Federation security, marine, engineering and medical personnel that were to land at AR-558. From the moment the troops landed Jennifer had problems with the marine commander. She was so lucky that she was only there to set up field operations then get out. But luck was against her. The group was attacked a good part of the unit was killed before everyone was beamed down. The siege went on for five days. Even though the Starfleet personnel prevailed, they were undermanned. By the time the Sutherland was able to beam any more troops down there were only twenty eight survivors out of the one hundred thirty four that were beamed down. The Sutherland crew, The 506
Tactical division, 129 Marine Division, 104 Medical Division, 3 Engineering Corps and the 5th Infantry Division were all awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. The Sutherland headed back to DS9 and Jennifer was one of the officers that was transferred to the USS Robinson (NCC-71855).

USS Robinson (NCC-71855)
The Robinson was a Galaxy-class starship. It was going to be launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards after it received repairs and a minor refit. She spent a month in San Francisco on LOA and at the Academy. She spent most of her time with Heather who was more and more grown up than ever. Even though she was only six, she looked a lot older. Voyager got letters through and Jennifer found out Juliet was alive she sent a return letter and sent a copy of Juliet’s letter to the family.

When the Robinson was launched she was moved up the ladder to chief security and tactical officer. Although she had been considering a change of professions, she stuck with it. When they launched, they met up with a task force of five other Galaxy-class starships. They flew in a line past Starbase 1 and then turned did a orbit around Earth and went to warp. The whole thing was recorded and broadcasted throughout the Federation. It was supposed to be a morale booster but it didn’t exactly take with the troops on the front. But the crew of DS9 they were happy to see the ships when they arrived in Bajoran space. All the ships docked and there senior staff’s walked on to the Promenade. Many Starfleet and civilians were there to greet them. Jennifer went to Quark’s and saw some of the DS9 staff that she met when they retook the station. She recognized Miles, Julian, and Nog, but there was a Trill with them that she didn’t recognize. She was welcomed with open arms by everyone. The Trill addressed Jennifer like they were old friends. This new Trill was Ezri, the new Dax. Eventually all of them went up to Vic’s and spent the night there. They listened to Vic’s set then spent most of the night gambling and just having a night out on the town. The Robinson mostly did milk runs around the Bajoran system till they were informed that Betazed had fallen.

Even though Jennifer was born on Betazed, she never considered it home. The Robinson and seven other ships from the Ninth Fleet were to join a task force from the Tenth, and Third Fleets to take back Betazed. When they were about to get underway Starfleet vetoed the plan and ordered the fleet to wait. For what they did not say. So the fleet waited and several days later the were informed that the Romulans declared war on the Dominion. The task force kept the Dominion fleet bottled up in Betazed space for a month till more bad news reached them. Earth had been attacked by the Breen. Now the fleet wanted even more to attack the Dominion fleet. A taskforce of Klingon and Romulan ships arrived and the entire fleet attacked the Dominion.

The fight was going in the Federation’s favor for several hours till the Dominion was reinforced. The fleet retreated when they were taking too many losses. They retreated back to Federation-controlled space at the same time the allied task force retreated from Chin’toka. The next day all of the Federation, and Romulan ships were pulled off the line and the Klingon ships were modified to withstand the new Breen weapon. Once again the Robinson was back to milk runs. On all fronts the allies were being pushed back. For several days it looked like the Dominion would over run the Klingons at Betazed. But it seemed that just in the nick of time Starfleet developed a shield against the new Breen weapon.

The fleet went back on the offensive and seemed to have newfound confidence in themselves. When the fleet pushed to Betazed itself the fleet landed ground troops. Jennifer was attached to the 7th Marine Battalion along with several other Starfleet officers. She saw Nadal before the battle. They were attached to the same platoon. Her said he was sorry about Tom and the fact that he couldn’t tell her sooner. During the fight their company was attacked by more than half of the Cardassian fifth order. Jennifer’s platoon was separated from the company and almost obliterated. Of the original thirty five only seven were alive. Four severely wounded. Jennifer ended up carrying Nadal to a near by Betazoid resistance cell. The seven of them held out there for several hours before they were found. Once Betazed was retaken the Federation, Klingons and Romulans formed to attack. It was an impressive sight to see all the ships heading for Cardassia. When they got there the Robinson was under heavy attack. They held their own against the Dominion ships. They used up half of their photon torpedoes in the first hour.When the Defiant was calling for assistance the Robinson, the Venture and three Cardassian Galor-class destroyers destroyed the ships following it. There was a big celebration on DS9 that quickly moved down to Bajor. That night Jennifer married Nadal and had a small get together with some of her friends from the station. Several days later the crew was reassigned. Jennifer was remained on the Robinson. With the war now over her daughter could live with her second, she was stationed on the same ship as John.

USS McKinley (NCC-79000)
In 2379 she was assigned to the Sovereign-class starship, USS McKinley (NCC-79000). The McKinley was assigned to the task force that was to support the USS Enterprise during the Shinzon incident. When the Enterprise didn’t arrive on time the McKinley and three other ships entered Romulan space to search for the Enterprise. They found her adrift in the Bassen Rift with a Romulan warbird not far away. At first they charged weapons and prepared to fire. The Enterprise then contacted them calling for them to lower their shields. The McKinley beamed over several medical and damage control teams. Jennifer went over to help with relief efforts. Eventually the McKinley towed the Enterprise back to Earth.

When the Titan was put in charge of the task force sent to Romulus the McKinley was right there. Finally Jennifer’s Intelligence position was put into use. She and several other Intel officers from the task force pooled their resources to make sure the task force wasn’t walking into a trap. After several days the team confirmed that nothing was going to happen. They spent the next days making sure no anti-Federation & Romulan elements tried to intervene in the negotiations.

USS Odyssey (NCC-79011)
In 2381 Jennifer got new orders she was to be transferred to the Excelsior-class USS Odyssey. She couldn’t conceive it after two years on the McKinley Starfleet was transferring her. Heather understood why they had to and she opted to stay with her mom. But Will didn’t get it all his life was on that ship. He was too young to understand that he wasn’t going to stay in the same place till he was in his late teens. John wasn’t pleased about it either they both took it to fleet command and to her father but the orders stood. Jennifer understood that this was what had to be done. The best fleet command could do was station the McKinley in the same sector.

After arriving she was pressed into service almost right way by Starfleet Intel. She was to collect data on any C’Hakalian movement. It took her weeks to aquire this data and get it to their respective departments. Several weeks later she was offered the Chief Security & Tactical position on the new Odyssey. She jumped at the chance and on he first stint in years the Odyssey was sucked into a vortex.

When they finally figured out that they were stuck in a place called the abyss they were rescued from the Klingons by two Federation starships. Although she knew they would eventually find away out in the back of her mind she was worried that they wouldn’t find away out. When they finally did she was given leave and took it on the McKinley. There she managed to clean out several of the senior staff including Commander Lavell in a poker game. After spending several more days going around earth sight seeing she received a message from the newly promoted Admrial Luke Duncan saying she was to report to his new residence in two days.

After arriving at there she noticed that most of the crew was already present. After arriving she was given the lowdown on their mission. During the admiral’s speech she was caught off guard when she was promoted. She was appointed as Second Officer to the USS Ulysses under the admiral’s command.

Deep Space 19
Jennifer continued to serve under the admiral’s command when he took over as station commanding officer of Deep Space 19, shortly after he made her first officer of the USS Odyssey under the command of Captain Christian Templeton. She served on the Odyssey for over nine months until the ship responded to the distress call of the USS Iliad which was conducting fleet exercises along with the Odyssey. The Iliad’s captain and first officer were killed, due to the nature of the fleet excercise the Illiad’s involvement was crucial, as such Fleet Admiral Duncan gave Jennifer the field promotion of captain and gave her the Iliad to command in 2382.

USS Iliad (NCC-74664)
Jennifer went on to successfully command the Iliad however disaster struck when the ship was pulled in to the region of enclosed space known as The Abyss. The ship along with Deep Space 19 and other Federation worlds were all trapped there with no possible idea on how to return home. During the first week the Iliad was part of the Starfleet-Klingon-Romulan-Ferengi allied battle group that fought against a Borg Cube. As the battle got intense the Cube became reckless in its tactics and ended up ramming the Iliad which resulted in its receiving heavy hull damage and shearing off its port nacelle. Jennifer was one of out of eighty nine crewmembers who survived the brutal force from the Borg after the attack. The Iliad was pulled in to dock by the USS Torchwood and remained in dock with DS-19 as it went under a rigorous amount of repairs to get her space worthy again. At first Jennifer went through a time of depression for losing so many of her crew. She saw a counsellor and eventually after talking things through with Fleet Admiral Duncan she finally got through her survivor’s guilt and went on to oversee the repairs of the Iliad.

After their successful return home to normal space Jennifer went on to take the Iliad on a two year deep space exploration mission of parts of the Beta Quadrant unexplored. After making contact with eight new warp capable species and mapping a large amount of space she returned home as a hero for upholding Starfleet’s ethos of peaceful exploration.

In 2386 she took the Iliad in to battle to defend Kovar from being attacked by the Borg. Once again the Iliad did not fare well against the Borg. The ship took heavy damage in the opening volley of fire from the Borg Cube. The ship remained in the fight right until the last moment. When her phaser arrays were burnt out from overuse and her torpedo launchers were exhausted, Captain Jurot gave the order to ram the Cube. Jurot took the helm but when the ship was taking aim the Borg opened fire on the ship, crippling it beyond anything. Captain Jurot awoke moments later to find her entire bridge crew dead. She quickly gave the order to abandon ship as the computer announced the instability in the warp drive. Unable to use her ship as a weapon against the Cube, the captain made her way to the nearest escape pod and watched in horror as she left her ship behind. She was later recovered by the USS Nelson after the battle had been won. The captain was struck down hard when she was told she was the only survivor from the Iliad. The captain found herself suffering from extreme survivor’s guilt. She couldn’t understand why on two occasions she had been spared. She took a leave of absence with her family to Betazed to find her answers.

USS Nelson
Almost three years later, Jennifer returned to Deep Space 19 and made a special request to Admiral Duncan prior to his retirement. She no longer wanted to be a commanding officer or hold the rank of captain but wanted to remain in Starfleet. She felt a significant need to get back to what she did best as a tactical officer and as such, he suggested she become the Tactical Officer aboard the USS Nelson under Captain Duncan, his wife. Duncan agreed to the idea and Jennifer found herself relieved and gladly accepted a demotion to Lt. Commander. The Nelson was a welcome respite and a chance to get to grips with life in Starfleet again whilst also an opportunity to deal with her survivors guilt.

Following skirmishes with the Consortium in the Gamma Quadrant, Jennifer was headhunted by the new commander of the USS Sutherland for a spot on his senior staff. Whilst he couldn’t offer her the job of executive officer, Commander Tyson wanted Jurot as his new Tactical officer with a view to a possible command appointment in the future. Leaving a Saber-class starship for a Nebula with the history of the Sutherland was a no brainer and she gladly accepted and sealed her return to the Sutherland over a decade after she last served the ship and crew.
Service Record Civilian, Betazed, 2347-2365
Cadet First Year, Starfleet Academy, 2365-2366
Cadet Second Year, Starfleet Academy, 2366-2367
Cadet Third Year, Starfleet Academy, 2367-2368
Cadet Fourth Year, Starfleet Academy, 2369-2370
Security Officer, USS Lakota (NCC-42768), 2370-2372
Security Officer, USS Sutherland (NCC-72015), 2372-2373
Assistant Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Sutherland (NCC-72015), 2373-2374
Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Robinson (NCC-71855), 2374-2379
Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS McKinley (NCC-79000), 2379-2381
Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Odyssey (NCC-79011), 2381-2382
Second Officer & Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Ulysses (NCC-84996), 2382
Second Officer & Chief Security Officer, Deep Space 19, 2382
Executive Officer, USS Odyssey (NCC-79011), 2382
Commanding Officer, USS Iliad (NCC-74664), 2382-2386
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Nelson, 2389
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Sutherland, 2389