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Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen

Name Skylar (Sky) Jansen

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Romulan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Skylar is an attractive young woman, she has long brown hair which covers the pointed ears of her Romuan heritage. She believes in keeping fit and keeps up a physical exercise routine to keep herself in trim.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Eva Jansen
Brother(s) Lucas Jansen
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various extended family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Skylar is a friendly, welcoming young woman. Raised by a Dutch descent mother and knowing nothing about her father, Skylar was raised aboard various starships and Starbases so is used to the Starfleet life.

On a personal note Skylar has numerous hobbies, she's very sociable as would be expected of a Counsellor. Born with her Betazoid abilities she's used to having to put a lot of work into controlling her senses. Being part Romulan she has the pointed ears of her heritage but knows very little about her own people, or who her father is.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Empathic
Strong Willed

Weaknesses - Empathy & Telepathy can be difficult to control.
Ambitions Skylar is a dedicated Counsellor, her only ambition is to be the best Starfleet Offucer she can be and for her mother proud. Though she would like to find out more about her father.

She would eventually like to have a family of her own.
Hobbies & Interests There are a whole host of hobbies that Skylar enjoys. She likes reading, real books not the version on a PADD, as she likes the feel of paper as she turns the pages to read. She also loves spending time on the Holodeck revisiting her favourite worlds.

She has an interest in cooking and loves to bake especially making cakes.

Personal History Skylar was born at Starfleet medical, the blend of Romulan and Betazoid genetics had made her mother's pregnancy a difficult one especially given that Romulans normally have green blood like their distant relatives the Vulcans. With the incompatibilities making work for the medical personnel caring for her mother it wasn't surprising that Skylar was eventually delivered early by emergency c section.

With her abilities developing earlier than they should have Skylar was ferried to Betazed to learn control from the experts there but she has still had periods of hospitalisation throughout her life for the stress involved.

At the age of sixteen Skylar applied to Starfleet Academy sponsored both by her mother and the CO of her mother's ship. Thrilled to be accepted she dedicated herself to her career showing an aptitude for Operations Management but her heart lay with Counselling. She graduated the Academy four years later with honours.

It was during her time aboard the USS Lexington that Skylar met her close friend Jacen Rendar. Their relationship was a close one leading many to wonder if there was more to their friendship than met the eye.

During her time on the Lexington Sky met Borel Ellis. The two were friends but during a post mission celebration too much Aldebaran whiskey lead to the two of them ending up waking up in the same quarters. It left Sky in somewhat of a quandary between her feelings for two men.

When Reassigned to the USS New York alongside Jacen, Sky began warming up to the thought to moving their relationship further although due to thoughts of Borel little moved onward from where they were by the time she was reassigned to Starfleet Medical.

In 2389 Skykar was offered her first shot at being Chief Counsellor aboard the USS Sutherland which she happily accepted.
Service Record 2379 - 2383 - Starfleet Academy. Specialities: Psychology, Operations Management.
2383 - 2385 - USS Lexington, Nebula Class starship. (Counsellor)
2385 - 2387 - USS New York, Nebula Class starship. (Assistant Counsellor)
2387 - 2389 - Starfleet Medical (Assistant Counsellor)
2389 - Assigned to USS Sutherland (Chief Counsellor)