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Lieutenant Commander Onaga Sayuri

Name Onaga Sayuri

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Lagashi (homo sapiens lagashi)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet-within-violet
Physical Description Sayuri is a cybernetic woman of petite Asian descent with a perpetually stern expression on her face. Her violet-within-blue eyes make her stand out in a crowd, particularly when they flare in a faint glow.


Father Onaga Ken’ichi
Mother Fang Lei An Onaga
Brother(s) Onaga Haru
Sister(s) Onaga Chun Fang An Huan
Onaga Zhi Fang (deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sayuri is a professional officer of the Lagashi Republican Guard and a daughter of privilege to boot. There are few instances where she can imagine not getting her way, although she will honor the chain of command notwithstanding dire emergencies. Her family’s wealth and the luxuries, advantages, and augmentations it afforded Sayuri set her head and shoulders above her peers. A career as a rank and file soldier would not be for her. Lest anyone credit her success to nepotism, Sayuri has always been one to burn the midnight oil and press the advance at every opportunity. Despite her familial wealth and prestige, Sayuri prefers to stand on her own two feet. As such, she is not always a strong team player, but when the chips fall, she will lay her life down for the Pentad and its allies.
Strengths & Weaknesses +/- Cybernetic augments - neural uplink, ocular enhancements, various bio-synthetic muscle bundles and organs, hidden weapon compartment between left radius and ulna, two micro-fusion generators within pelvic girdle

+ Shrewd
+ Assertive
+ Honorable

- Ruthless
- Unforgiving
- Solitary
Ambitions Short-term: Kill pirates.
Long-term: Join Executor’s staff.
Hobbies & Interests Training in Goju Ryu karate and Wing Chun.
Shinto meditation.
Ancient Sodoku

Personal History Sayuri is a crack Security officer from the Lagash Republic whose skills in cyber-warfare and conventional security tactics placed her on the fast track to a Chief of Security position aboard a Lagashi frigate. As the daughter of a wealthy merchant family, her connections catapulted her into a political career within the Republican Guard, particularly among the anti-piracy and intelligence divisions. Her older sister, Zhi, joined two years ahead of her, though she did not live to see Sayuri’s graduation from the Army’s OTS program. The infamous Black Nagus organization was believed to be behind the attack that claimed Zhi’s life in 2380.

After the Cardassian Advance of 2388, the Lagashi government decided it was time to push the advantage and fortify their positions within the stars. With the United Federation of Planets at their back, the Lagashi began reclaiming territory the Breen were unable to retain, though not enough to shift borders.

Sayuri proved herself as a canny warrior and cunning strategist to the Expeditionary Army of the Republican Guard, which led to her advancement into the intelligence division’s Anti-Piracy Task Force. Many merchant families and power brokers utilized the APT as a private mercenary unit, leading to charges of corruption. As part of a public transparency campaign, the Republican Guard’s APT was pledged to assist the Federation in the Wastelands region as Starfleet attempted to navigate the frontier full of criminals. As part of the cooperative initiative, Sayuri was assigned to the USS Sutherland with the provisional Starfleet rank of Lieutenant Commander which was commiserate to her rank within the Lagashi Republican Guard.
Service Record 2389
Lieutenant Commander | Strategic Operations Officer - USS Sutherland

2387 - 2389
Lieutenant Commander | Lead Security Analyst - Anti-Piracy Task Force

2385 2387
Lieutenant | Security Analyst - Anti-Piracy Task Force

2382 - 2385
Lieutenant Junior Grade | Security Team Leader - LRV Zìyóu

2381 - 2382
Ensign | Security Officer - LRV Zìyóu

2377 - 2381
Cadet | Lagashi Army Officer Training School