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Lieutenant JG Adrik Morvan

Name Adrik Morvan

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 106

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Despite his outward appearance Morvan is much older than he looks. 6 feet even, Adrik is considered taller than most El-Aurians whose average height is between 5'5 and 5'6. Adrik has a tough time controlling his hair so he had to continually get it cut too keep it from his eyes. He has an athletes build.


Spouse Two Wives Both Deceased
Children With Second Wife 4 Children (Marcus, Ryan, Nash, and Sarah)
Grand Children: 7
Great-Grand Children: 3
Father Pasha Morvan
Mother Gevin Morvan
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Most are deceased.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adrik Morvan is an affable and kind-hearted man. Known for his ability to listen he is a much sought after counselor. Because of his age and the things he has experienced Morvan does not make decisions quickly. He tends to weigh his options carefully before making any final plan. Because of his long life he has a tendency to be wordy and has a tale to tell.
Strengths & Weaknesses Inherently a good listener. Strong willed but no stubborn. His biggest weaknesses are Terran Ice Cream, a dislike for impatience, and being rushed.
Ambitions Morvan's greater ambitions are to one day work as an Ambassador to the Federation representing a new home-world for the El-Aurian Race. Though it would be tough considering how far spread his people are across the Galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Sailing, Baseball, Exercise, and History

Personal History 2293-2311

Adrik Morvan was born to El-Aurian refugees. Pasha and Gevin Morvan. Who were among the survivors of the Nexus disaster wherein only 47 out of 500 refugees and service personnel were killed when their ships were lost. Though born well after the loss of the USS Lakul, the survivors consider Adrik the 48th survivor.

The Morvan’s settled in the City of Sydney on Earth. The original destination was to Vulcan but Adrik’s family chose Australia for similarity to the Homeworld’s South Western Province. Adrik was born here and was raised with the folklore of El-Auria. As he grew older he fell in love with boating, sports, and the occasional mischief of a teen aged boy.

Very few people around the Morvan’s knew of their refugee status. They rarely spoke of their Homeworld openly as it still holds a deep wound. It wasn’t until the Borg Incursion of 2364 and the many invasions into the Alpha Quadrant wherein the loss of El-Auria became common knowledge. The Morvan’s story became the subject of a book written in 2366 called “Lost Home”.

Like many El-Aurian’s Adrik left his parents after turning 18 as part of a rite of passage to travel and learn about new cultures. However because of tensions among the major powers of era, his travels were restricted to Federation worlds.


Adrik settled on the planet Novus-Corba a human colony world. Here he met his first wife a human woman by the name of Elizabeth Nash who sadly died after a terrible plague swept through the colony. Adrik remained there to attend to the people left behind. By 2317 he left Novus-Corba to briefly live on Earth before returning to his travels. As an El-Aurian he was hired often on various worlds to assist in settling disputes between the well known and well to-do citizenry because of his race’s ability to “listen” well.

In 2319 Adrik assisted in a land dispute on Ardana. The Zenite rich world was still in turmoil after the Troglyte Uprising 2269. Fifty years of fighting had took a toll on its people. Constant bickering over mining rights and the independence of the miners had left much of the villagers destitute. Adrik was able to end the dispute with a compromise. Though, this was short lived as the fighting continued a year later.

In 2320 Adrik returned to Earth yet again as a Diplomat for Hire. He had served in a civilian capacity on two Starships until 2321 where he joined Star Fleet in the Diplomatic Corps.

2321-2353 First Years of Service until Retirement.

The majority of Adrik’s service was spent on Earth as part the Federation Refugee and Asylum Bureau. During his time there the young El-Aurian studied jointly at Star Fleet Academy and Stanford University’s Colleges of Behavioral Sciences and Policy. Utilizing his already inherent abilities as a listener Adrik’s main focus was to one day become a Counselor and official Diplomat.

Adrik graduated with a degree and remained at FRAB for his entire first career in Star Fleet as an Enlisted Officer. He married his second wife Coletta. They had four children Marcus, Ryan, Nash, and Sarah. Sadly, Coletta died in 2346 in a sailing accident off the coast of Maine. All his adult children are currently serving in Star Fleet.

In 2353 Adrik Morvan retired from Star Fleet after the death of his mother and father.


In the lead up the Cardassian War, Adrik was pressed into service yet again despite the fact that he was officially retired. A technical rule within Star Fleet states that former officers – enlisted or otherwise – can be conscripted when others in specific fields are not available; the infamous “reserve clause”. Because Adrik holds a Doctorate in Psychology he was taken out of retirement by the Captain of the USS Paolo Alto; a front line Ship. Adrik helped to draw the treaty that established the Demilitarized Zone between Cardassian and Federation Space.

2366-Current Official Return to Star Fleet

After a seven year absence in Star Fleet, Adrik was given an official commission of Ensign in the Diplomatic Corps. His years of service to the Federation and Star Fleet allowed him the pleasure of serving aboard any ship he wished. He chose to returned to the USS Paolo Alto now under the command of his son Marcus. Sadly the ship was lost at Wolf 359. Adrik was on special assignment off ship at the time.

Because Marcus was Half El-Aurian the news of his story inspired H. Thomas Newberg to write the book “Lost Home” that heavily featured the story of the Morvans starting with Adrik’s parents exile from their homeworld, the destruction of the Lakul, and part of Adrik’s own life. “Lost Home” became a Best-Seller and Adrik a celebrity which he reluctantly accepted.

Remaining humble Adrik left much of his life in space and returned to the Diplomatic Corps on Earth. He was assigned once again the Refugee and Asylum Bureau but this time as its Assistant Director. When Bajor gained its independence from Cardassia, he helped to direct resources to the Bajorans’ repatriation efforts.

The Commanding Officer of the USS Levitt hand-picked Adrik as his Chief Counselor and Diplomatic Officer in 2374 at the height of the Dominion War. Though his position was considered non combative, he was forced to fight in the Battle of Betazed. Which was lost to the enemy. The Levitt retreated and then reallocated to fight in the battle to retake Deep Space 9 and Bajor. Once the War ended, Adrik remained on the Levitt to assist in the clean up efforts in both Cardassian and Federation Space.

-The Hobus Super Nova and the AI Mars Attack
In 2387 the Levitt was once again placed on the Front Lines. This time it was to receive a large contingent of Romulan Refugees before the Super-Nova event. Her engines were badly damaged during that event but was able to escape. Because of his work in FRAB Adrik was asked to assist in much of the efforts to help in relocating Romulan Citizenry. Unfortunately those efforts were sidelined after the AI Attack on Mars lead the Federation to abandon the plan set by Jean-Luc Picard.

Adrik continued his work on the Levitt until it was mothballed in 2399. He then transferred to the USS Sutherland as Chief Diplomatic Officer.
Service Record 2321-2353
Star Fleet Academy - Stanford University: College of Behavioral Sciences and Policy
Federation Refugee and Asylum Bureau
Enlisted Officer

Retired in 2353

Returned to Reserve Services Given Officer's Commission
USS Paolo Alto - Diplomatic Corps

Retired in 2359

2366 - Current

Returned from Retirement

USS Paolo Alto- Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Levitt - Chief Diplomatic Officer/Counselor At Large
Associate Director of Refugee Relocation Program