Echos in the Dark

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The USS Sutherland prepares to depart the new surveyed system dubbed the Columbia system, after the arrival of the USS Elena from Starbase 214. As they continue their tour of exploration into the Wastelands, the Sutherland picks up a faint transmission, with the signal too week to tell the origin; the crew of the Sutherland being moving in the direction of the transmission to determine what it is.

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Wounded Pride

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After a major refit the USS Sutherland receives a new commanding officer and a new crew, her mission orders are to pick up supplies and personal at Starbase 12 and deliver them to the aging Starbase of 214 that has suddenly been thrusted into the forefront of Galactic politics. Yet all is not as it seems as disturbing sensor images portray that something dangerous lurks beyond Federation territory in what is known as the Wastelands. Can the Sutherland shed some much needed light on the sudden disappearance of Alkaris Pact ships or suffer the same fate as those who blindly wondered into the expanse themselves.