Echos in the Dark

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The USS Sutherland prepares to depart the new surveyed system dubbed the Columbia system, after the arrival of the USS Elena from Starbase 214. As they continue their tour of exploration into the Wastelands, the Sutherland picks up a faint transmission, with the signal too week to tell the origin; the crew of the Sutherland being moving in the direction of the transmission to determine what it is.

Start Date Thu Oct 10th, 2019 @ 8:55am

Mission Summary

It has been two weeks since the Sutherland arrived in orbit of what is being called the Columbia system, since that time additional supplies and amenities have been transported down to the system to help make the colonists comfort. Since that time the crew and the colonist have been getting to know one another and between the ship's Counselor and Chief Medical Officer, the colonists have been getting much needed physical and mental care.