USS Sutherland NCC-72015    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   In the twenty two years since the construction of the Sutherland, she has undergone several bridge designs and refits. This latest design has been created to adjust to the small size for the bridge module.

Captain's Ready Room   The Captain's Ready Room is an exact replica of the Ready Room used on Galaxy Class starships
Observation Lounge   The Sutherland's Observation lounge is located on the back portion of the bridge. It has been remodeled to have a less spartan look and more comfort look especially when dealing with Diplomatic Negotations.
Captain's Quarters   The Captain's Ready Room can be created to meet the needs and requirements of every Starfleet Captain
Executive Officer's Quarters   The Executive Officer's quarters are not as large as the captain's however they are modified to accommodate the needs and wants of the First Officer. Also located on Deck 8.
Senior Officer's Quarters   The Senior Officer's quarters allows them to function as if they were in their departmental offices or stations on the bridge.
Junior Officer's Quarters   The Junior Officer's quarters are no longer in bunk bed fashion but they are separate rooms with a shareable living room for the two officers. It still allows for personal space as well as learning to bond with fellow roommates.
Regular Crew Quarters   Regular crew quarters normally assign two shipmates but it can be reconfigured to operations if two to a room or four to a room is required. A Multi-purpose desk top can be accessed by both parties to find out duty assignments, and other ship and non ship related matters.
Shuttlebays   Main Shuttle Bay and Auxiliary Shuttle Bay
Cargo Bays   Main Cargo bays store the mission supplies for a Starship's continual operations on the frontier. They also can be expanded by removing labs and crew quarters depending on mission parameters.
Main Sickbay   Sickbay on the Sutherland has been upgraded an expanded during the secondary refit. Instead of individual suites and labs in different parts of the ship, it was expanded and moved to the center of the ship of added protection. Attached off of main sickbay are additional suites and labs that can be used for all medical purposes. Situation throughout the ship are smaller clinics capable of handling minor to sever injuries as well.
The Highlands   10 Forward is the recreational lounge for the USS Sutherland. In tradition the bar usually takes on a name or characteristics of the name of the ship, and so the lounge has been renamed the Highland in honor of the name of region in which the Sutherland takes her name from.
Stellar Cartography   The stellar cartography department was an area of a starship dedicated to the science and practice of charting planets or space.
Main Engineering   Main Engineering is located on Deck 24, and serves as the master control for the ship’s warp propulsion system, as well as the impulse propulsion system and other engineering systems.

During emergencies Main Engineering can be turned into a command and control center by converting a number of consoles to duplicate the stations on the Bridge. The software is already preloaded onto these consoles and each vessel has specific procedures in place should a situation present itself.

There are three main consoles in Engineering, the Master Systems Monitor, Warp Propulsion System (WPS) console, and Impulse Propulsion System (IPS) console. In between the WPS & IPS console is the Master Systems Display. Heading towards the warp core from the main entrance one will find the Chief Engineer's Office on the left and the Assistant Chief Engineer's console on the right. A little more forward is the isolation door. Access to the upper level of Engineering can be found by a ladder on the left of the Matter/Antimatter Reaction Chamber (M/ARC) or an elevator on the right. The upper level has access to many auxilary systems as well as egress points.
Battle Bridge   In case of emergencies and the main bridge of the Sutherland is crippled or destroyed, all functions can be transferred to the Battle Bridge.
Holodecks and Suites   A Holographic Environment Simulator, or holodeck as it is most commonly refered to, was a form of holotechnology designed and used by the Federation Starfleet which ran holographic programs. They were installed aboard starships, space stations, and at Starfleet institutions for use in entertainment, training, and investigative purposes.

Deck 11 Contains holodecks 1-4 and Holosuties 1 and 2
Deck 21 Contains Holosuites 3
Arboretum   A botanical garden that grows living species of different plants, and also a place for personal to go and relax; as well as scientific studies and research for Starfleet botanists.
Gymnasium/Spa/Pool   A double deck gym, designed to train and perform multiple types of exercises. Also located next to the gym is a multi-room spa and attached on the other side of the gym is a 25 meter indoor pool
Transporter Rooms 1-4   The main transporter room for the Sutherland, all secondary transporter rooms have the same layout.