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"Talking About the Ship

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 2:48pm by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Captain's Ready Room/Engineering

J'Ela woke up from a sound sleep in her office. One might wonder why but for her it was a common event, a habit if you will. She dedicated her life to engineering and as such took her career seriously. Getting breakfast and going over the daily reports she realized that she had not reported to the captain. "Fek'lar", she said outloud, then looked to see if anyone had heard her curse. Not seeing anyone she tapped her combage, but thought twice. And decided to go personally. Arriving on the bridge, she stopped to look around. It was a standard Nebula class layout and took note of where her station was before proceeding to the captain's ready room. Touching the chime, she fixed her baldric and waited to be admitted.

Edward was relaxing on his couch, quite as it was kept the old man had settled down for a slight nap when he heard his doorbell go off. Giving a slight grunt, he slowly pushed himself off the couch and walked over to the replicator. He had been sleep for all but 45 minutes and he figured that he better have something to wake him up, " Come," then a sudden yawn appeared out of nowhere followed up with "In." Rubbing his eyes he announced to the replicator that he wanted a Raktajino with cream, two sugars and double strength; and waited for the brew to appear in the dispenser below.

J'Ela walked in swiftly and saw a middle aged man at the replicator. She could sense he was tired, "Captain if you are tired I could always come back another time", J'Ela said as she entered his office.

"Not at all," he stated as his drink appeared in the dispenser, and quickly taking a sip to gather his thoughts before he continued. "I literally was just waking up from a brief nap; reading reports and speaking with Starfleet Command and Docking Master can cause one to want to take a nap," he stated as he walked over towards the chair in front of his desk, and placed a hand on the back of it and took another sip. "Welcome aboard the Sutherland," he stated as he sat down in the chair and motioned for her to join him, in the one facing towards him. As he placed his cup on the desk he adjusted his legs resting one on top of the other at the knee. "I usually call my senior staff by their first names, but if you prefer Commander Teisen then I will do just that."

"No You can call me J'Ela if you wish sir", J'Ela chuckled. I like this captain already she thought.

"J'Ela it is then," he stated as he took another sip of his coffee. "I wasn't aware that we would be getting a Chief Engineer so soon, especially one with as much experience as you bring to the table," he said as he relaxed a bit and leaned back slightly. "I for one am glad about it. I'm not saying that lieutenant Brady isn't a good engineer but I believe that he does not like space travel and would like to return to the shipyard as quickly as possible. However once I found out you were coming aboard, I made sure that all records were transferred to you at once," he said as he cracked one of his fingers with his thumb. I toured engineering three days ago and they gave me a crash course on what was being done to the Sutherland; from what you read what do you think about this refit?"

"What I think is of no consequence, what I see is. All of what I see is normal for an uprated refit, however, the new computer cores will not function with 3rd generation isolinear chips as fast as you would like. The upgrade should be to bio neural gel packs to speed up the transmission of commands from computer to all systems. You can keep the 3rd generation chips as backups in a secondary system.

"Then the question is how long would it take for us to install bio neural gel packs to handle the processing speeds of the new computer cores?" Edward asked as he leaned forward and took a sip of his coffee, he wasn't a engineer at heart more of a weapons expert as a former security officer. However since he had been in command he had picked up engineering as a main focus, do to the fact that a captain should know how to make informed decisions when it came to engineering matters.

"Working in shifts round the clock, one week, providing Starbase engineers follow my orders! And not some idiotic fool that thinks they know more than I do!", J'Ela said. "Starbase engineers have bad habits that make for major mistakes on shake down cruises", she added.

"I assure you the engineers that have been working this refit will corporate fully with you J'Ela," Edward replied. He knew that engineers were touchy when it came to touching their personal things, and the Sutherland to this engineer was one of those things. "Until now we haven't had a Chief Engineer, so Lieutenant Brady an engineer at the shipyards was issued to us. I assure you he and his people will cooperate fully with your needs and wants, and you have full control of your staff of engineers."

"That is very good I am sure that my lady Sutherland will be ready to leave on time and with all refits done completed. I do have one request however....I have a few engineers that are specialists that would augment my staff. I have worked with them before and all know the Nebula class. If you approve, I can have them here in time to help in the refitting before we leave", J'Ela asked chuckling.

"Of course that won't be a problem at all, you can bring anyone that will help you in your duties to the Sutherland," Edward added as he picked up his cup of Klingon coffee in his hand and took a long drag from the wonderful strong liquid. "Now that's goood," he said as he savored the multi layered flavors that the Klingon coffee afforded him. "Also If they want to be apart of the Sutherland's crew that's not a problem either.

"Well James, I am quite sure the team will want to be together again all in one place like they used to be. I called them 'My Musketeers', good all of them, great personalities and fun loving staff but, when it comes down to work, don't mess with them. They will tell you where and what to do with yourself in a heart beat", J'Ela said serously. "I am sure they will join the ship happily."

"Excellent," he said as he took another sip. "Make sure you contact operations so that we can have quarter assignments for them, we have enough space as we are close to a full compliment. We are about 15 officers and 50 non-commissioned officers short of a full crew."

"James I see you are drinking coffee native to my home world. Can I interest you in a good bottle of blood wine, vintage 2265? I carry a good stock of it when I am on the road. I never know when I need it for an occassion. Now I believe this would be one of those times, don't you agree James?", J'Ela said.

"Sure not a problem," he said as he quickly downed the coffee. "I have a couple of items stored away as well, but sure I wouldn't mind a small nip."

"Wonderful, shall we say oh, 2200 in the lounge or would ypu prefer somewhere more discrete?", J'Ela asked thinking purely of the captain's position.

"The Highland lounge would be just fine, I've always wanted to visit it; don't know why I never did since I'm the captain," he said as he gave a laugh and thought about the situation more. "Any questions for me?"

"No sir other than, when I lock down engineering for any reason, it stays that way till I get a handle on what ever is going onboard ship. Intruders or otherwise, that is something I do to keep the heart beating", J'Ela added smiling as she got up.

"That's fine by me, I've worked with engineers with their own particular quirks." Edward stood up along with his new Chief and extended out his hand. "I'm glad that you are aboard the Sutherland, no doubt she will do extremely well under you engineering guidance and leadership. Also I will meet you at 2200 for that drink."

Shaking his hand, "I will endeavor to serve with honor and distinction while serving on My Lady Sutherland. May her shakedown go without incident", J'Ela said smiling. "See you at 2200 James".

Edward watched as his new Chief Engineer turned on her heels and walked out of his ready room doors. A brief yawn escaped his mouth as he stretched a bit, and looked at his clock on his table and figured he would get in another nap before quitting time. As he pushed up from his desk he grabbed the coffee mug and placed it back in the replicator and walked to his couch and laid back down and closed his eyes.


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