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"Drinks On J'Ela"

Posted on Wed Oct 9th, 2019 @ 6:37pm by Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Captain James Tyson Sr.

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: The Highland Lounge
Timeline: MD01 2200

"Computer time?", J'Ela queried.

"2200 hours", came the reply.

'Ah good, time to go', she thought. Picking up the two bottles of blood wine, checked her dress, she headed for the Highland Lounge. Her chat with the captain was very productive and enjoyable as well. He had given the ok to round up her team and bring them on board and she had sent out the messages to all of them. Now she would wait for the responses to come in. Walking into the Highland, she surveyed the people quickly. James was not there yet, so she turned around ...and walked into James...., "James!", she exclaimed.

"In the flesh," he said as he gave a slight smile, he didn't bother changing out of his uniform; he just removed the jacket and walked around in his red turtle neck shirt. He looked around the room and was amazed at the layout, granted it looked like the ten forward lounge on the Challenger; but the layout with Scottish themes and pictures from the Sutherland area of Northern Scotland. "The layout is truly amazing, I know most of the crew who hail from Scotland find it more comforting here than any other place on the ship." He paused for a moment as he looked out the forward window and looked at two ships that were docked in two berths, one was the Independence his former command still undergoing her now extended refit; the other was a New Orleans class starship. He could see the name DAKOTA on the saucer section of the hull, and watched as shuttles were flying towards her. "So I'm here to relax and have a drink, just to prove I'm not a arrogant distant tight ass like a lot of Captain's I know."

J'Ela laughed, "No sir, you are not like some CO's I know who are so arrogant and tight assed that they don't want to be seen drinking with the lesser crew members", she stated, taking a good belt of the blood wine. "Maybe we get tipsy and go to the holodeck for some klingon combat exercises?", J'Ela said laughing. She knew that wasn't going to happen, but she couldn't resist saying it.

"I'll pass on the combat exercises, I wouldn't want to show you how I can beat you with a pair of D'k tahg's," he said with a smirk on his face. As a former tactical/security officer one thing he learned was to know your opponent, in combat and outside of combat. Edward quickly picked up Klingon tactics both in hand to hand combat as well as in space, and he learned enough to not only defend but to dispatch someone if need be. "That I promise you will be for a later date for me to show off, so how about a glass of that wine you brought?"

"Right you are, but I warn you, it is powerful but smooth", J'Ela said, cracking the bottle open. Taking two glasses she poured the blood wine and held the glass up, "To our honored dead, may their deaths give life, liberty, and freedom to the Federation and for what she stands for!", she said making the toast.

Edward raised the glass of blood wine up and swallowed the amount the glass, and suddenly a strong burning sensation gripped the inside of his throat and slowly burned all the way down, and with a clearing of the throat he placed the glass down on the table. "Boy that's some strong stuff, and I thought Romulan Ale had a kick to it," he said as he motioned for her pour him another small glass of the stuff. "I know that you are an experienced engineer, what in the world are you doing aboard the Sutherland? Not that I'm not happy that you aren't but you could be heading up one of the engineering teams at Starfleet engineering...why did you choose us?" he said as he looked at her.

"My life and my talents are best served out here and not behind a desk. I would not be happy if I wasn't flying around the galaxy working in my one Sure I could have taken a desk job, but it would be like putting a free animal in a cage. I will not be caged or chained to a desk", J'Ela said syrongly.

"I know how the caged bird sings," replied Edward as he sipped on his drink a little bit slower now. In his academy days this would be nothing, but that was fifty years ago and now the drink was hitting him on this second take. "Man in my academy days I could have drank you under the table and then back ontop of it again...but now," he said as he polished off his second drink and felt the smooth but harsh drink slide down the back of his throat. "So, tell me what do you think of serving under an old boot like me?"

Looking at Edward, "Old boot?? you not mean goat? As the humans would say in jest", J'Ela said chuckling. "Serving under you has so far been interesting to say the least. Being here on the Sutherland is an honor!, she said proudly.

"Goats get grumpy the older they get, boots feel better and are better," he said as he poured himself another cup of blood wine. "Well so far so good, at least when the Sutherland finally launches we can see how grumpy I can really get, along with a bit drunk." Edward took another sip and this time the drink was starting have more than the buzz feeling he was going for, something had told him to just stop at two. Yet something inside of him was pushing him more and more, was it pride, or was it an old man's foolishness to drink a half Klingon under the table.

"Careful Edward, this bloodwine can give you a good kick in the ass without warning" J'Ela warned smiling as she took a swig herself.

"Wait until you've had Romulan Ale when it is freshly made;" he said as he took another sip of his bloodwine. He could feel the effects of it starting to wear on his body, how long it would take for him to recover; even he wouldn't know, but considering they were still docked in dry-dock he would be able to sleep it off. "When it has been made fresh Romulan Ale is very very strong, enough to strip the enamel off your teeth."

"You are the third person to tell me that", J'Ela said chuckling. "So, about this mission, you think the Sutherland is ready for it?", she asked.

"All ships are made ready, the question is the crew ready for a mission like this? Granted it appears that we are just going to be shuttling supplies around and just routine patrol: I think this first mission will allow us to gel like we should as a crew."

"Well it should be smoothe sailing but speaking from experience.....nothing is ever simply smoothe first time out", J'Ela said chuckling as she fimished the bloodwine. "Care for another", she asked Edward.

"I," he said as he took a deep breath and exhaled which was followed by a small burp. "will take one more, but that's it; I can feel the affects of this stuff in my head," he said as he felt a strange feeling that was telling him to stop for the love of God.

Laughing, J'Ela poured a final glass for both of them. "Captain, let's drink to a fruitful voyage", she said. Holding her drink high, "To the continuing Voyages of the Sutherland, may she find peace and harmony in the coming missions! Quap'la!!", she said clinking Edward's glsss and drinking the bloodwine.

"To the Sutherland and her continuing....ummmm her continuing voyages," he said as he downed the last glass of bloodwine, which now he could say he was officially drunk. "Commander I do believe you have clearly, won this round," he said. "Remind me never to try and out drink you again," he said.

"I will remember that Captain. It was good toasting with you sir. Respectfully sor........sir.......I think it time to retire," J'Ela said as she stood slightly off balance. "I think we have both gotten drunk", she added as both left for their respective quarters.


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