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Moving Day

Posted on Fri May 24th, 2019 @ 9:54pm by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Liam Holt & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 01

Edward had just finished his conversation with Admiral Edir the new Task Force Commanding officer, and it seemed like the Sutherland was moving in to take the Nogura's place as the lead of the Exploration Task Force, and along with exploring if tactical objectives could be accomplished then that would be the goal as well. As he finished the last bites of his food, he quickly picked up his plate and placed it into the replicator. Normally he would have polished off his glass of wine but considering that wouldn't be a good idea he left it there and walked out of his ready room and stepped onto the bridge. "Captain on the bridge!" came a sharp reply and everyone that was present quickly came to attention but Edward placed his hand up and dismissed them from standing at attention. "Operations, contact all senior officers and have them report to the bridge. We've just received our orders and we need to quickly disembark."

"Aye sir," came the response from the junior helm officer as he turned back around in his chair and started signalling all senior officers to report in. Edward eyed his chair but he did not want to sit down in it just yet, he was waiting for the moment that the Sutherland would finally be leaving.

[CSO's Office]

"On my way," Zhaan said as she set the PADD she was studying down on her desk. The surface, gleaming and pristine when she'd first entered her office, was filling up fast. There was a wide stone bowl, with runic carvings on the side, filled with small stones sitting on one corner of the desk now ringed with several wooden carvings of animals she remembered from back home. Those carvings, a gift from an old friend, held a place of honour wherever she worked. There was also an English teapot, once called a Brown Betty, sitting on a hand-woven mat that she'd bought on Bajor on the opposite corner of the desk while, near at hand and abutting a pile of PADDs, was a china cup sitting on a matching saucer. Tendrils of steam floated upward carrying in its undulating spirals an aroma that was both spicy and fruity. She took a last sip of tea and, sighing softly, surged upward. She wondered at the urgency and whether the on-duty science officer had somehow offended the Captain. Still, orders were orders, and Zhaan made her way to the Bridge wishing as she went that she could have brought her tea with her.

Jennifer Jurot had been buried face first in a data PADD on her way to the bridge when the call for senior staff to report to the command centre had come through, so she quickened the pace to the nearest turbo lift. Upon entering, the Commander directed the mobile platform to the bridge and continued to read until it slowed to a halt and deposited her at her destination. She took a few steps to the tactical rail and logged in with her access codes upon relieving the junior officer present.


Jacen was completing his work on one of the auxiliary control consoles in Astrometrics when he heard the call come. "All Senior Officers report to the Bridge," he heard and after hauling himself out from under the console, Jacen tapped his combadge. "Rendar here, I'm on my way."

Once he secured the final pieces into the console and ran a check with his tricorder, Jacen was satisfied that it was working back up to specs again and made a note to ask one of the Ops personnel to come back and run a full diagnostic programme on it. He pulled on his duty jacket and smoothed it down, making sure that he was of a presentable nature before securing the tool kit into the wall panel. Javen then made his way to the nearest turbolift and instructed it to go to the Bridge.

Once he arrived, Jacen saw that Captain Tyson, Commander Edri and Commander Jurot were already there. Jacen nodded to the Captain as he took his position at the Operations Station and made sure he was logged in and ready for duty. Looking around, it felt good to Jacen to be taking his seat on the Bridge after what seemed like an age and he let slip a proud smile.

Liam entered the bridge and nodded to the Captain as he moved to take the helm. He'd giving the air group one last once-over before they departed. Taking the CONN from Ensign Jacobs he checked over the engines and ready.

Andrea walked onto the Bridge with a perk in her step. She had been touring her new home, trying to make sense of the ship, find her bearings. "We look good to go Captain." she said as she moved to the Operations side of the Bridge and looked over a display near by.

Zhaan walked up behind the duty officer on the Bridge and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. "Early reprieve," she said softly. "I'll take over." The ensign nodded with maybe the slightest sigh. It was a singular moment when a ship got under way. Just one moment and then it all went back to normal but she understood the feeling of being deprived. She offered a sympathetic look and slid into the seat, turning slightly as she did so to face the view screen.

J'Ela was already stepping out of the lift and nodded to those already there as she took her station. "Computer open Engineering Station Bridge Teisen Alpha 795 pi", she said and the console came to life. Turning to face the captain, "Sir Engineering ready. Engines are at your discretion", she added.

Edward looked around and saw that all his senior officers had rather quickly arrived, it was something this retired officer had forgotten about. As he looked around the bridge and heard the response from his XO he gave a rather quick smile. "Excellent," he replied as he moved towards the center chair and pressed a few buttons on his armrest console and a boatswain whistle sounded and opened up a ship wide channel. "All hands this is Captain Tyson." A brief pause filled the room as Edward quickly searched for the right words to say for this particular occasion.

"For twenty two years the USS Sutherland has earned a place within the best traditions of Starfleet; and her former commanding officers made sure that she earned those rights. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander Data, the Sutherland foiled a Romulan plot to ferry supplies and weapons to the Duras Family during the Klingon Civil War. Under the command of Captain Dana Shelby she fought bravely in the Dominion War, and where she earned many a scar; and lost many a officer and crew member in the name of Freedom. Now the Sutherland will continue those traditions under a new crew, and under a new commanding officer. The traditions that route out injustices from the dark corners, to defend and protect those who cannot do it for themselves; and to be a guiding hand as we explore new worlds and new civilizations," Edward moved forward a bit making sure that his voice was strong enough for all to hear.

"I can't say for sure what we will encounter once we leave Earth, but whatever we encounter; We will do it together and we will do it not only in the name of the Federation, or in the name of Starfleet. Yet we shall do it as friends and family members of the USS Sutherland, and when our stories are told years from now; the Sutherland will be added among other famous names. The Enterprise, Excelsior, Shenzhou, Hood and Stargazer; and remember, that we are beacon of hope for those who have no hope, and for those who need to find a way home. Tyson out." With that Edward took a couple of steps backwards and sat down in the center chair on the bridge, and crossed one leg over the other.

J'Ela had one word to say, "Quap'la".

Jacen smiled as he looked at the view before them on the main screen. "This is where the fun begins."

Zhaan had never been particularly interested in glory but confronting injustice and exploring the unknown. Those were paths she would walk down willingly.

Andrea just smiled and nodded as she gripped the Bridge railing.

"Alright everyone let's get underway. Andrea bring the ship to condition Green."

"Aye Captain." Andrea said as she looked around. "Set Condition Green, throughout the ship, all stations, all sections stand ready to shove off. Prepare to clear all moorings on the Captain's Orders."

"J’Ela please bring the main deflector, warp drive and impulse engines online; and double check the warp intermix ratio is at optimum efficiency.”

"Engineering reports intermix ratio is within acceptable norms. Both warp and impulse are 100% and at your descretion. Main deflector is online and performing at 100% efficiency. Captain we are ready to get under way", J'Ela stated.

“Zhaan, bring all sensors online, and check to see if all worker bees and shuttles have cleared the area.”

"All traffic has been cleared, Captain," Zhaan said as she brought the sensor suite online. "Sensors are operational."

“Jacen, bring the Structural Integrity Fields online, and Jennifer make sure all tactical systems are primed and ready.”

"Yes, Commander," he answered. Jacen's fingers danced over the Operations console as he ran a final check on the Structural Integrity Fields. Once it came back with all checks green, Jacen activated them, with the schematic of the Nebula Class starship embolden in green.

"Structural Integrity Fields online, we're in the green" he reported.

Commander Jurot had preempted the Captain's orders and instantly responded. "All offensive and defensive systems are standing by Captain," she informed with a nod in the direction of the XO.

“Liam, clear all moorings, and signal the quartermaster that we are heading out.”

"Clearing all moorings, taking us out at one-quarter. We've been cleared to depart on vector 171 mark 26." Holt said from the CONN taking the ship out.

Instantly the Sutherland's engines fired up and the massive Nebula-class starship slowly started pulling out of her dry-dock, which had been her home for the past six months. Once she finally cleared dry dock she made a 26-degree pitch upward with a smooth right curve. As she moved in a forward arch flying above her former dry dock and another dry dock holding a Nova-class starship, she pulled away from the San Francisco shipyards and finally moving into open space.

"Excellent work everyone," replied Edward as he gave a smile of approval. "Our orders are to make best possible speed to Starbase 214. Helm lay in a direct course at warp 9.3 and engage when ready."

"Laying in course," Holt said from the CONN. "Course laid in, taking us to warp. Our ETA is 2 weeks 3 days and 19hrs."

Andrea smiled. "Sounds like a good time to get to know you all," She added with a smile.

"Two weeks..." Jurot shook her head as she let out a little whistle, "that's a lot of socializing time. What if we find out we don't like each other?" she asked with a cheeky smile as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Then at least you learn to deal with each other," Edward said with a smirk of his own.


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