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Meeting of the Minds

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2019 @ 10:36am by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Liam Holt & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: MD 08: Alpha/Beta Shift

It had been eight days since the Sutherland had left her home port of Earth heading for Starbase 214 near the Wasteland region of space.

So far they were scheduled to arrive around the same time as the rest of the Exploration Task Force for the area, how that meeting was going to go he was not to totally sure; but rest assured with the backing of Rear Admiral Edir there wouldn't be too much push back, when they saw that her orders for the group were clear. However that argument and fight would come when they arrived at the base, now he needed to speak with the crew about their change in orders and also the sensor data from Starbase 214. Edward had the conference room already set up, in the middle was a set of pads and also the HD projector, displaying an image on a screen directly behind him of the region they would be operating in.

Yawning, J'Ela stumbled into the conference room and replicated a very large ractijino and sat down taking a big swig of the hot liquid. "Kahless that tastes so damn good!", she said sitting down.

Andrea straightened her uniform as she walked through the door. "Good Morning Everyone." She said with a cheery glint in her eye.

Liam entered the room a large mug of coffee in hand and nodded to the group taking a seat on the side of the table that gave a view of the windows.

Carrying a PADD with him, Jacen entered the room and noticed that he had been beaten to the punch by the Captain, Commander Sumner, Commander Teisan and Lt Holt. "Morning all," he said to everyone as he looked for the nearest seat at the conference table and took it, preparing the PADD for the meeting.

Jennifer soon entered the senior staff meeting and took her seat around the table, acknowledging the Captain and several others before sitting.

"Good Morning everyone," replied Edward as he folded his hands and rested them upon the table in front of him. "I know it's been a few days since we launched from the San Francisco shipyards, but I've been trying my best to compile data on the Wasteland region of space we are heading to." Edward tapped a few buttons on the data padd in front of him which pulled up the Wasteland region. "This is the Wastelands, the outer most Starbase which we are heading to is Starbase 214 under the command of Captain Gral," he said pulling up the Captain's image next to the starbase. "A couple of weeks ago Starbase 214 picked up massive warp signatures of Alrakis Pact ships, mostly Breen and Talarian heading into the Wasteland area, 214's sensors haven't been upgraded in decades so this was the best they were able to get us. What we do not know is why the Pact is heading to the Wastelands first of all, however that's not the only problem."

Edward showed them the sensor data in real time playback and they all watched as the small dots representing the Pact ships started disappearing, and the chaotic mess as they attempted to scramble out of the area. "This is what is troubling to Starfleet Command, that a task force that strong can easily be dispatched so quickly; and additionally causing so much confusion. Along with this information are reports from the USS Brier-Ridge and the USS Charleston were taking detailed scans of the area in the Wastelands and was also attacked and heavily damaged. Starfleet Command hasn't compiled their sensor data yet but from the way that it is going it is going to take some time before they do. Any questions?"

J'Ela thought for about a second, "So....there were no signs of weapons fire registered? Is it possible that something in the wastelands itself possibly be the cause of the Pact ships to scatter and disappeared?", J'Ela said.

"Starbase 214 does not have the resources as of yet, to do deep in-depth study of the Wastelands. That is one of the reasons why a task force is being formulated around this area; I doubt that this could have just been some random event that occurs within the Wasteland, whatever caused those ships to flee like they did had to be weapons; to what degree I cannot be sure. Any more questions?"

"I will start running tactical drills with each shift, we are essentially a new crew, we should be ready for all eventualities," Andrea suggested as she leaned forward. "Should we start deploying the fighters and shuttles in a standard CAP once we arrive?"

"According to the map," replied Edward as he pulled it up and enhanced the operation grid. "Starbase 214 is still well on our side. Any invasion from the Pact would be considered an act of war; and given the peace treaty that was just signed, I do not believe they are willing to risk it at this time. With that being said I wouldn't want us to run CAP once we arrive, however Lieutenant Holt what I do suggest is that you do create a defensive pattern of patrol for fighters. The Starbase is receiving additional reinforcements from Starfleet Command and I do believe that they will have a fighter detachment assigned to them." Edward then made a double tapped on his padd and pulled up a small list of names of starships.

"The task force is going to consist of a total of five ships. The Sutherland as the lead Task Force ship. Followed by the USS Oceanic (Excelsior Class) the Elena (Cheyenne Class) the Victoria (Steamrunner class) and the Tyche (Nova Refit). The Oceanic and the Elena according to Admiral Edir are going to be station defense, they will also be patrolling the one system closest to the border; the Penthera system. However Gamma Trianguli was once a Federation system, and we are going to patrol the outer edges of that system; we do not want to encroach on their territory unless asked. Now since the fighters that are going to be stationed at 214 are warp capable as well, a defensive pattern needs to established to overlap when each ship is on system patrol vs station patrol. Since 214 does not have a CAD officer yet and we do, Holt I'm going to speak with Captain Gral about that. Also, the Oceanic is bringing a detachment of men and women from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, they will be responsible for upgrading the Starbases systems. Both defensive and offensive capabilities, along with sensor systems as well. We are going to be posted for a few days at the base before we head out, J'Ela if they need assistance from us; you are more than willing to help but that is at your discretion. Jennifer, also I would like for you to work in the role of Strategic Operations while we are stationed at 214; there is a meeting to be had between myself, the base commander and the other CO's and I need someone with experience to help them see reason. Andrea, I want you to be in that meeting with me as well. Jacen, while on the station the Sutherland will be in your hands. Questions? Comments? Concerns?"

"Sir with all due respect, I will remain aboard the Sutherland. I have several security programs to implement so engineering will be more secure than it is now", J"Ela stated.

Jennifer shook her head slowly. She had her orders and she would follow them to the letter

With the Captains orders very clear, it was obvious that the Sutherland was going to be involved in a large fleet movement as the task force would patrol the area and also try to find out why these Alrakis Pact ships were going missing, a situation that could re-ignite the tense standoff between the Federation and the Pact. Jacen was fully aware of what the situation was and wanted to help.

"Captain, I'm happy to keep the Sutherland running whilst everyone has been assigned to their duties," he explained. "With regard to the data of the ships that have gone missing, is there some way that we could analyse that data to see if there is anything that's been missed? As you've said, Starbase 214 has limited capabilities and I'm pretty sure Sutherland's sensor suite could decipher the information faster and in more detail," he explained.

"I will liaison with my counterparts on the other ship, and see if we can coordinate drills together." Andrea stated with a smile. "Let you do the command thing." She took a sip of her coffee.

"The data from 214 is downloaded into the ship's computers, if you want to analyze it and see if you can find something that might have been missed go right ahead. As far as detailed scans go, I believe 214 launched a scientific probe to the area to get more in depth scans. I'll speak with Captain Gral and have that data transferred to the Sutherland to see if we can get a better picture of what happened to those pact ships; any additional questions?"

"Well have our fighters ready to lend a hand while we're on station." Liam added.

"Very good, if there are no other questions. Then this meeting is adjourned."


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