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The Meeting

Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2019 @ 5:50pm by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Liam Holt & Captain Bradly Newman PhD

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Observation Lounge/Starbase 214
Timeline: MD 18

"Captain's log supplemental, the last of the Exploration Task Force ships the USS Tyche has just arrived; and as leader of the task force I have set up a meeting with the other four ship captain's and Captain Gral of Starbase 214, hopefully we can find out more about the intentions of the Alrakis Pact in the Wasteland area of space, and to find out what happened to those ships that entered in that area."

=====Starbase 214 Observation Lounge=====

Captain Sofia Ricci adjusted her uniform as she walked into the Observation Lounge on the Starbase. Her ship had been on a routine patrol when suddenly she had been recalled. She was curious as to why. She quietly took a seat and sat down, folding her hands on her lap and waiting to see what happens next.

Jasmine had been sleeping when her yeoman woke her up, "Captain Walter's....sorry to wake you but we have been recalled to SB 214. Apparently, there has been an incident in the Wastelands", she said. 'Now what on earth is going on', Jasmine said to herself. "Helm set course for SB 214 warp 6", she said rolling out of bed.

One hour later she walked into the Observation Lounge on SB 214. Nodding to the other officer, "Captain Jasmine Walters, USS Elena...", she said extending her hand before she sat next to Captain Ricci.

Sofia smiled politely. "Sofia Ricci of the Victoria." She said as she extended her hand. "Any clue as to what this is all about?"

"No idea. We were on our way to DS5 when we got a message to get here asap cause there was an incident in the Wastelands. Other than that I have no clue", Jasmine said.

Max made his way into the Observation Lounge, with the Oceanic having docked at the station within the last thirty minutes. He was curious to know why his recent orders from Starfleet Command to send the Excelsior Class vessel to Barion Prime to perform a planetary survey on the recently devastated world were cut short abruptly to have the ship dock here.

He walked over to the other two officers in the room, realising as he closed upon them that they were also Starfleet Captains, meaning his curiosity grew even further. "Good Evening," he said to them both as they turned to face him. "I'm Captain Maxwell Styles of the USS Oceanic," he said as he introduced himself. "Do either of you have any idea as to why we're here?"

Captain Brad Newman entered the briefing room and gave a nod to those already present. The Tyche had been on manuvers when the recall order came, as a rule most Captain hated being order to a meeting when little to no information about said meeting had been shared. However, when the orders came they were followed. "Good morning." He said, stopping at the replicator for a coffee before taking a seat at the table.

"No idea Captain, we are as much in the dark as you, though a little mystery beats staring at a class 12 pulsar." Sofia laughed.

"Ah the mysteries and wonders of serving Starfleet and their sudden changing of minds at the last minute," Max concluded. "Well, let's see whats got them on the hop this time. Although it does make a nice change to suddenly break the normal routine." Styles was proud of his ship and her class heritage, however, he also was aware of how much concern his crew would show at a sudden change of orders.

He was looking for answers to this meeting and hoped he would get them. With the Alrakis Pact members in operation in the region, he also knew that the Oceanic would struggle against their newer vessels.

The Tellarite captain was the last one to walk in as he quietly took his seat at the head of the table as this was his Starbase and folded his hands and waited for the briefing to begin.

Edward had taken his time going over everything in his mind as he wanted to be clearly sure that all bases were covered and that also an open dialogue on how to tackle this area of space was achieved. There were too many variables in what they were facing and what they were dealing with, as he approached the observation lounge doors on the starbase; they slowly parted and there seated were all the CO's from the various starships including Captain Gral of Starbase 2147. "Good afternoon everyone, I apologize for the lateness of my arrival; I was just making sure that every i was dotted and all the t's were crossed," he said as he took a seat on the opposite side of the desk and handed a data padd to each and everyone of the captain's present.

Following behind the Captain, Commander Jurot walked in silence, assumig a vacant seat near her Captain.

"I know that many of your were pulled off current assignments to gather here at Starbase 214 and I'm sorry for that, but Starfleet Command is shifting its position in this area of the quadrant. Since the latest sensor reports picked up from Captain Gral and his team of Starbase 214, we have detected serious movement along the Federation border in this region from the Alrakis Pact," he said as he reached into the center of the the table and poured himself a small glass of water and then took a sip. "However what is more troubling is that the 18 or so Alrakis Pact ships that entered the Wasteland suddenly scattered from the area; which indicated they encountered something that they were not prepared for; and that also goes for the USS Brier Ridge and the USS Charleston as well...they were heavily damaged and are currently undergoing repairs. So Starfleet Command has put together a small task force of five ships to not only investigate what happened to those pact ships; but to also explore the Wastelands and provide defence to Starbase 214 and the Penthara system. That is the reason why Captain Styles you were carrying officers and supplies from the Starfleet Engineering Corps, and that is to bring 214 up to fighting specifications."

"And we are the lucky volunteers for this mission?" Sofia stated. "Just how much trouble should we be expecting here?"

"One of the lucky volunteers Captain Ricci, Captain Newman and myself will also be launching into the Wastelands to explore the region; and unfortunately you will have the task of studying that area in which the Pact ships were last seen scattering," Edward said as he folded his hands together and cracked his knuckles releasing pressure and stress. "I cannot tell you what to expect in there, because honestly we do not know; considering no other ship has actually gone inside the expanse since 2308. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this? I know we are all CO's here but I do not want to give out direct orders."

"Besides the latest deep space sensor reports what we have to go one." Newman asked leaning back in his chair slightly.

"Truthfully that's all we have to go on, even the reports from the USS Brier Ridge and the USS Charleston are very spotty; Starfleet Engineering is having a very hard time trying to decipher the data. It is as if someone has compromised the sensor records on both of those ships, which means that who ever attacked them and the Alrakis ships does not want to be found out," Edward said as he kept his hands folded and looked at the CO's. "The best course of action would be to launch a deep space observation probe and study the battle site of the wrecked ships, I am not sure what information is going to be recovered but that's my best bet. Therefore the Sutherland, the Victoria and the Tyche will go into the Wastelands and explore and investigate what is out there. The Victoria once she launches her deep space observation probe will explore the western most region of the Wastelands, the Tyche will explore the eastern border that is pressed along the Talarian border; and the Sutherland will head straight up the middle. I am not sure what to expect, however I recommend that all data be downloaded onto a long range warp probe and sent to Starbase 214. Any questions?"

"None from me." Newman replied.

"None at this time, But there may be once we see that probe data." Sofia stated as she leaned back in her chair and interlocked her fingers.

"Captain," Commander Jurot spoke up. As Tactical Officer and a Strategic advisor to Tyson, it was her job to speak up. Plus, she had her own command experience to draw upon and if it could be useful, then she had to make a contribution. "If I may?"

"Please feel free Commander Jurot, your input is much valued here," he stated as he gave her the floor to speak.

"There is a very good chance that any probe we launch could be commandeered, its readings changed. If we want reliable data we will have to ensure a variety of security safeguards are put in place," the Commander told as she shifted on her feet, "I also advise we install a cloaking device in order to hide the probe. We don't know who or what it will find out there," she concluded.

Edward thought about the commander's point of view and she made good sense, he didn't take into consideration that the probe could in fact be altered. "I did not even consider that factor Commander Jurot," he said as he wanted to keep it at a more formal setting before the other commanding officers. "I am not sure about a cloaking device as we are not permitted to use one on any thing due to the Treaty of Algeron, however we should be able to dispatch two probes; one emitting false active signature readings, while the other operates on extremely low power using short ban frequencies to obtain the information we need. We should be able to set the probe to self-destruct once the primary probe has been discovered," he said as he looked at the other captains at the table. "Also we do need to be very careful here, I do not know what or who we are dealing with in this matter and..." he said as he was quickly cut off at the Station suddenly went to Red Alert.

"What's going on?" he said as he stood up and looked at the other captains, this would be an excellent time for someone to take a hit out a Federation Task Force as all the commanding officers were present.

Suddenly an incoming transmission rang out everywhere =/\-=Captain Gral to Operations. We have an incoming Talarian Warship on approach at high warp; they have ignored or hails and they are on course with the base.=/\=

Edward looked up and quickly said "Meeting adjourned."


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