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Arriving on Station

Posted on Thu Jun 20th, 2019 @ 10:42am by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Liam Holt & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: 30 minutes from SB 214

Andrea had been sitting uncomfortably in the command chair of the Bridge of the Sutherland for the last several hours, as the Captain had been locked away in his Ready Room. She still wasn't used to sitting in the centre chair, and the responsibility of it all seemed daunting. She looked down at the ship's chronometer and nodded to herself. The ship was about 30 minutes out from their destination of Starbase 214. She reached down and tapped the ship's intercom.

"All stations, All Decks, Senior Officers to the Bridge, we are thirty minutes out from the Starbase, prep the ship for arrival." She said simply. She closed the channel and sat back waiting for the rest of the senior officers to arrive.

"Understood, J'Ela out!", Looking at her assistant, "Jason you have engineering. Don't mess it up please", she said smiling as she left engineering for the bridge. Five minutes later J'Ela walked out onto the bridge and took her station. "Sir", she said.

After completing his latest reports from the Operations Office, Jacen made his way up to the Bridge, moments later leaving the turbolift and entering the Bridge. He nodded to Commander Sumner as he took his station. "Reporting as ordered, Captain," he commented. Jacen arrived at the Ops station, relieving the Chief who was on duty and made sure he was brought up to date with the Sutherland nearing her destination.

It wasn't long before Jennifer was once again at Tactical.

Edward had been sitting in his ready room going over transmitted reports from Starfleet Intelligence about the latest movements of Pact ships near the southern border when he heard the call that they were thirty minutes out from arriving on station. Locking out his computer pushed away from his desk and walked through the ready room doors, appearing on the bridge and slowly started moving towards his chair. "It's about time we finally get here, open a channel to Starbase 214."

"Channel open captain," came the reply from Jacen.

"Captain Gral pleased to finally meet you, your reputation proceeds you," Edward replied as he stood on the bridge.

"As does your reputation Commander Tyson. We picked you up on sensors about an hr ago, your moving pretty quickly to get here; anything you know that I don't?" the Tellarite captain asked with an inquisitive look on his face.

"Other than we were trying to meet up with the rest of the task force at the same time. We've been traveling at this speed for the past two weeks and we didn't want to come straggling in at the last minute."

"Actually you are early, we were expecting the Nogura here around this time and you can imagine our surprise when we discovered it's the Sutherland instead."

"That is something that we will have to discuss when the rest of the task force arrives. We are bringing supplies and additional crewmen from Earth, compliments of Starfleet Command; along with updated sensor equipment and the components to upgrade the stations phaser arrays and the torpedo tubes as well."

"Starfleet always knows how to bring the warm feeling of Christmas when they come visiting. I'll have our operations officer send the coordinates to your helmsman for docking at 214."

"Thank you Captain Gral, also I require two things from you if you don't mind. I will need to use your observation lounge for a meeting between myself, you, and the other captain's when they arrive. Also we will be deploying a few of our fighters to bolster defenses until the rest of the Task Force arrives to give additional support."

"That's fine with me Captain, we welcome all the assistance provided. Gral out."

"Well that went better than expected. Liam, tell your fly boys to get prepped, once we drop out of warp and we dock with the station; fly defensive patters around the station. Also when each ship arrives I would like for you to provide a friendly escort to their coordinates. I know your itching to get behind the stick of one of your fighters."

"Aye Sir." The pilot said from the CONN, he tapped a string of commands into his station sending orders to the flight deck to begin preparations.

"Engineering reports all is ready for docking procedures once we have arrived", J'Ela stated.

[Thirty minutes later and once helm brings the Sutherland out of warp.]

"Alright Liam take us in nice and easy, and once we've docked we can begin the offloading process," Edward said as he crossed one leg over the other while in the centre chair.

"Dropping to one-quarter impulse," Liam said as he slowed the vessel, the station looming larger on the display. "One-eighth impulse, switching to manoeuvring thrusters." A few moments of silence filled the bridge. "Hard seal established, we're docked."

"We are now on the station's power," Andrea stated from her console. "Engineering reports the Core is in stand by mode, and all systems are in standby mode." She said looking up.

"Captain I want to take the core offline completely. She is due for a full maintenance look see", J'Ela said.

"That's not a problem J'Ela, I know we've pushed her pretty hard for these past 17 days; I wonder if we broke a duration record for this class," said Edward as he smiled to himself.

"We did Captain by five hours", laughed J'Ela. She knew that the core needed to be fully diagnosed and the warp manifolds also needed to be inspected as well.

"Great job everyone, great job. Liam get ready to fly cap I'll leave the number of fighters to your discretion."

"Aye sir," The pilot said and once the relief CONN officer took the helm he headed for the turbolift to head to the flight deck.

Edward sat back in his chair for a brief moment as the view screen displayed the Sutherland docked at the Regula class station. In all his time in Starfleet he had never set foot on one of these old style bases, he made a mental note to make sure to take a tour of the area before the Sutherland departed. Closing his eyes briefly and taking a deep breath inwardly, Edward pushed up from his chair and walked in the direction of his ready room. "Alright Jacen, the bridge is yours. I am not sure what amenities the station has to offer but you all are more than welcome to discover and find out; also the planet below I heard has a wonderful farmer's market; a massive park, blue sand beaches, and an amusement park to boot," he said as he walked in the direction of his ready room and walked in.

Jacen nodded as he handed over to his relief. "Thank you, Captain," Jacen responded as he walked over to take the Centre seat. "I'll try and make sure she's waiting in one piece when you return. Jacen sat himself down and began checking up on the various reports and requests that were waiting for him to deal with.

J'Ela locked down her station and gave a final sigh of relief that they made it safely. Now the hard work would really begin, an inspection of all primary engineering systems.


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