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Coming In Hot

Posted on Fri Jul 12th, 2019 @ 11:16am by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Liam Holt

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: TBD
Timeline: Following "CAP"

=======[Ops, Starbase 214]=======

Ensign T'Shar had been taking periodic scans of the surrounding area when an alarm triggered on her long range sensors, as she magnified the image and scanned it; a massive warp signature was approaching their location at what appeared to be high warp. "Commander Durand, long range sensors are picking up an incoming warp signature at high warp," replied the young Vulcan female. Bella quickly moved over to the ensign's station and looked at the read outs, and it was a Talarian ship approaching them. The fact that it was coming out of the Wastelands was more intriguing, and she moved her hand over to the ensign's console and opened up a direct channel. "This Commander Claudette Durand of Starbase 214, you are approaching Federation space; shut down your engines and reverse course." Their was a brief pause as nothing came on the line, according to long range sensors it would only be a couple of minutes before the ship breached Federation space. How this would impact the peace accords the Federation and the Alrakis Pact just signed would be a site for sore eyes, but right now she pushed those thoughts to the back of her head.

"Again, this is Commander Claudette Durand of Starbase 214, you are about to breach Federation territory. You are ordered to shut down your engines and reverse course or we will intercept your ship and fire upon you!" she announced with a more stern voice, and again she waited. She saw that the channel was open and that they were receiving it, "Ensign, when you scanned the vessel was their comm systems down?" The young Vulcan quickly pulled up her first initial sensor scan and enlarged what appeared to be their communications systems and everything was registering as all clear. "Negative commander, stations sensors register that the ship's comm systems are up and running."

"All hands Red Alert! James, contact the Sutherland's fighter group that is on station. Let them know we have a Talarian ship approaching at high warp, their orders are to intercept the ship and force it to drop out of warp, and notify the Captain about this," she stated as she quickly moved over to one of the other nearby stations to monitor the situation.

=========[Sutherland's Fighter Group]=======

[ Space ]

Holt ignored the engine warning light, the split second warp jump was not an established maneuvered but he'd done it before and he knew the fighter could handle it. With half a dozen fighters now information between the approaching Talarian vessel and the station he opened a channel to the Sutherland.

=/\= "Holt to Sutherland, the Talarian vessel is closing, still at high warp, ETA to our position is just over two minutes." =/\=

======[USS Sutherland]======

Andrea's head instantly shot up upon hearing the comms chatter. "Red Alert." She stated without thinking. "Holt, Status?" She asked. 'Helm, standby to break moorings, Engineering, we may need to spin up the core." She advised.

"Commander, the core is hot already. We were inspecting the new couplings. You have power when you need it", J'Ela stated.

=/\= "The vessel is still on an intercept, 90 seconds out, based on the energy signature I'd say she's a freighter but with some upgraded engines to be going that fast." =/\= Holt replied over the open channel.

"Ma'am helm controls are not responding I can't release the docking clamps." Jacobs reported from the helm.

======[Starbase 214]======

"Commander," came a cry from the rear of the ops area, she quickly turned on her heels and faced their operations officer. "Sir, the USS Sutherland is trying to break away and join with the intercept however docking controls are off-line. We can't get the ship detached." He said as he looked up and looked into her face like a deer caught in headlights.

"Then send someone down to manually release the Sutherland! It more than likely will not help as it will take to long to release the docking clamps manually. Still send one, send 3...I don't care just get it done!" she replied as he gave a quick nod of his head and departed via the aft turbolift.


"214 reports they've sent a crew to try to manually release the ship." Jacobs reported.

Jacen shifted over to the operations console when Commander Sumner arrived on the bridge and started manually shifting power from the ship's reserves to at least give more power to the warp core to quickly power up if needed. "Commander Sumner, I have the Victoria on the horn; their first officer reports they are jumping to warp as part of the intercept group."

"Acknowledge the receipt of that message and inform them we will join as soon as we are free and clear to navigate." Andrea statesd. "Any luck on getting the shove off from the station, I am not opposed to using the phaser to surgically remove us from the station." She said raising her eyebrows.

The relief Tactical Officer, stepping in during Commander Jurot's absence aboard the station, was quick to chime in. "Perhaps we could reverse the polarity of the maglocks keeping us in place?"

"That's an excellent idea," replied Lieutenant Jacen as he maneuvered his fingers over the operations console and started freeing up the man power and resources to try and get that accomplished.

"Let's just make it quick, as I will not have the Sutherland a sitting duck." Andrea stated.

J'Ela wasted no time in doing exactly what was suggested. "Lt. Jacen, no need to freeup power. The ship is already on internal power. If you will permit me, I already have the inital stages of
reverseing power to spring the couplings started. I mean no disrespect but given the timing we need to leave now!", J'Ela stated with some tone of urgency in her voice.

=========[Sutherland's Fighter Group]=======

[ Space ]

=/\= "Holt to Sutherland, target is 30 seconds out, maintain course and speed, they're on a direct intercept course to the station. Hails have been unresponsive. What are our orders?" =/\=

" Holt, follow standard Rules of Engagement, do not fire unless hostile action is taken, but do what you can to protect the lives of you and your fighters." Andrea stated over the comms.

=/\= "Copy that Sutherland." =/\= The fighters now reinforced with Victoria, held the light, the Talarian vessel at high warp was on a collision course with the Victoria. Finally the vessel dropped out of warp and came hurling back into normal space. =/\= "Talarian vessel you have entered restricted space, identify yourself." =/\=

=======USS Sutherland==========

Jacen listened along with the rest of the staff to the dead silence on the comms, something strange was going on an alien vessel in Federation territory and it suddenly drops out of warp and no contact what so ever. He moved his fingers over his console and started scanning the Talarian vessel, and within an instant he understood why there had been no response from the Talarian warship. She had suffered extensive damage, and the only reason why she dropped out of warp when she did was due to her warp field destabilizing. "Commander Sumner, I've found out why the Talarian ship isn't responding to our hails. Her communications array has been heavily damaged, she has suffered hull breaches in numerous areas," he stated as he continued scanning the vessel. "There is ionized radiation and plasma fires filling areas of the ship," he said as he turned towards Commander Sumner. "The ship's main power has recently just gone off line. No doubt that's what forced the ship out of warp; and she appears to be operating on emergency back up power," he stated as he moved his fingers over the Sutherland's short range sensors and applied the proper frequencies and changes to make them more accurate. As he made a deep internal scan of the ship's power generators and warp cores, he saw where the safety containment field was slowly degrading; which was the main reason the ship's warp field collapsed. Within 15 minutes the ship's warp core would breach, but he wasn't able to pick up any life signs. "Also sir, I'm picking up that the containment field on the ship's warp core is in a slow degrade. Her core is going to breach within fifteen minutes, and due to the amount of damage she has sustained we won't be able to stop it. I'm also not picking up any life signs sir, but that's due to the interference from the radiation on the sensors. If there is anyone alive I wouldn't be able to tell from here."

"Commander, the Lieutenant is correct. Unless the containment fields are stabilized the core will breach causing damage to the station and every vessel within range of the shock wave", J'Ela said.

"Alright, can we get an away team to her, before she goes up," Andrea asked looking over her shoulder. "Get us some answers, and perhaps stabalize that ship, before it destroys it self and possibly damages someone else?"

=========[Sutherland's Fighter Group]=======

[ Space ]

=/\= "Holt to Sutherland, the vessel is dropping from warp, I'm picking up fluctuations in their power cores." =/\= The vessel hurdled to sublight speed, and with a couple of well paced tractor beams from the fighters they brought it to a stop. =/\= "Warp core looks to be building towards an overload. We're not detecting any life signs but our readings aren't very clear. Looks like she'd been through the ringer."=/\=

"Acknowledge Holt, proceed with caution, do a fly by of the vessel, see if your sensors improve any." Andrea instructed over the comms.

Holt gave the order for half of the flight to take up a more distance defence position while he and second fighter did a close fly by. "Sensors still aren't getting much, I'm detecting at least half a dozen plasma fires, and so far three hull breaches, I'm surprised she didn't fly apart coming out of warp, actually I'm surprised she was able to sustain warp." The fighters completed several more passes and send their sensor data on to the Sutherland. "I've got what could be lifesigns two main clusters, possibly emergency shelters, one two decks down from what I think is main engineering, another in what I would assume to be the main crew quarter area."

"Acknowledged, I will have Lieutenant Jacen start to go over the data, ASAP." Andrea's voice came over the comms.

==========Starbase 214=======

Edward and the rest of the CO's arrived in the operations area of the base when they watched the Sutherland's fighters bring the Talarian warship out of warp with their tractor beams, he gave a smile as he knew that having them on defensive pattern was a great idea. As he looked at the damage on the ship he knew that something wasn't right, especially since why would a Alarkis Pact ship break a peace treaty in which was just signed. He tapped his comm badge =/\=Tyson to Lieutenant Holt. What are your sensors picking up on the ship?=/\=

==============Fight Group===========

=/\= Holt here Sir, we've got what looks battle damage, their warp core is on a slow burn towards an overload, the ship also appears to be flooded with radiation. If I was to speculate I would suggest the ship was heavily damaged in battle, somehow their engineers managed to set a course for the nearest station and engage at warp, but the ship is filled with radiation and the crew, if alive, is in emergency shelters. But that's all speculative. =/\=

"Then we are going to have to go in there and find out what the hell happened. The last thing I want to create is a diplomatic incident and all the fingers are pointed at us. Holt I'm going to issue an away team over to the ship, keep your fighter's recording going, incase we do find anyone alive over their we can send your flight recording and their people back to Talar; to keep a diplomatic incident from happening."

=/\= "Aye Sir" =/\= Holt said over the channel.

==================USS Sutherland============

"Commander there is a possibility I may be able to stabilize the containment fields but there are several risks and there is always the possibility that I will fail. However given the time factor involved, I don't think we have time to rationally discuss it. A decision must be made now if an away team is to go", J'Ela announced.

Andrea just nodded. "Send the team, We haven't a moment to lose." She said simple as she pointed at J'Ela

=/\= Tyson to Sumner. I want you to organize and lead an away team on the Talarian Warship. I want you to try and find evidence as to what happened, record everything. If you find anyone alive beam them over to the Starbase's sickbay, they are equipped to handle it. Holt and his fighter group are going to be on standby, the last thing we need is an Interstellar Diplomatic Incident. This will only feed the Alrakis Pact against the Federation and will give them a leg up on dictating additional terms should they say we breached the peace treaty.=/\=

"Aye Captain." Andrea stated before looking back at J'Ela. "You heard the old man, let's get cracking." She said.


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