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The Count Down

Posted on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 10:14pm by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Liam Holt & Lieutenant T'Risa

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Talarian Warship
Timeline: MD 19


[ Transporter Room, USS Sutherland ]

Lieutenant T'Risa stepped into the transporter room, equipped and ready for the away mission. Though it wasn't her first away mission to a damaged or derelict vessel, there was that momentary feeling of aluk s'masu (very roughly translated as "Fish out of Water") that she always felt on an away mission that wasn't planet bound.

And, as always, she dismissed the fleeting emotion, with no trace of it ever appearing on her serene visage. She waited patiently for the rest of the away team to report to the transporter room.

Andrea walked into the Transporter room and smiled at the other officer. "Good Day Lieutenant, are you ready for the mission?"

"I believe I am aptly prepared, Commander," T'Risa replied.

J'Ela walked into the transporter room with her backpack and her equipment. "Good Day Commander, Lieutenant, wonderful day for a away mission, wouldn't you say?", she said smiling. "But we must move with all due haste. The containment fields are getting weaker", she added.

"You heard the officer, Time to go." Andrea motioned to the transporter pad before stepping on to it. "Anyone not going to to the Talarian Ship, had best step off." She said with a wink.

T'Risa nodded solemnly before stepping on the transporter platform and taking her place on one of the pads.


[ Space, Near Talarian Freighter ]

Holt remained in command of the flight of fighters near the freighter, a second flight under the DCAG had resumed the CAP in case more trouble arrive. The fighters were flying a near leisurely configuration around the freighter, but the warp core was still building towards an overload and the CAG had several contingencies planned if the away team was unsuccessful.


[ Talarian Freighter ]

Andrea and the rest of the time appeared in a darken room, lit only by emergency lighting. The room was filled with smoke, and a strange taste floated on the air. "Sumner to Sutherland, we arrived and are proceeding on mission." She said simply before turning to her away team. "All folks, where to?" She added.

T'Risa immediately began scanning her surroundings with her tricorder, though her senses had already given her plenty of data already. "I am picking up very faint readings of Talarian lifeforms in that direction," T'Risa replied. gesturing with the hand holding her tricorder. "Three, to be precise." T'Risa lowered her tricorder before adding, "No other life forms detected on the vessel, Commander."

"Let's proceed carefully, i would prefer not end up a statistic today, or to rejoin the galaxy." Andrea said with a smile. "Are the life signs injured, or just shielded?"

T'Risa made adjustments to her tricorder, her brow furrowing. "I am unable to determine that at this time, Commander. The damage to the Talarian vessel is interfering with my readings."

"Thank you Lieutenant, let's proceed carefully, Engineering should be this way." Andrea stated pointed down a long corridor, we might be able to scram the core, and stop some of these plasma leaks, maybe get a look at the internal sensors."

"I am curious to see their engine room", J'Ela said looking in the direction that they were headed in.

T'Risa nodded as she followed the two senior officers down the corridor. When the trio rounded a bend , they were greeted by a grisly sight. The deck was littered with the bodies of Talarians. Bodies whose limbs had been dismembered and seemingly strewn about, and whose torsos had been opened so the bodies could be further violated.

Andrea looked around at the carnage and it made her feel sick to her stomach. She scanned the room with her eyes. "Any idea how they died, or if they were alive when all of this occurred?" Andrea asked, holding back the urge to vomit.

T'Risa's eyes had momentarily widened and her nostrils flared at the sight and the smell of the corpses. But that was the only reaction her Vulcan conditioning had allowed.

She knelt down near one of the bodies and began scanning it with her tricorder. "My apologies for not having a medical tricorder, Commander," T'Risa said, her eyes not leaving her readings, "That, combined with my lack of medical expertise, will make my assessment less than precise."

"I will take your best guess at this point, We can have the medical staff on either the Sutherland or Starbase investigate further if need be." Andrea knelt down beside T'Risa.

"Despite the outwardly savage appearance of the death that the Talarian experienced," T'Risa noted in an emotionless voice, "There is a certain intelligent pattern to the method which they were killed. Judging by the raggedness of the wounds, I would surmise that at least some of the attacks were not made by manufactured blades, but something organic, such as claws. In addition, there is some damage by an energy source that I am unable to identify." Standing up, T'Risa added, "I also believe some of the deaths might have been...prolonged. However, my expertise is not forensics, so I would want a qualified individual to review this data to assess my evaluation."

"So torture? You are saying they could have been tortured before death?" Andrea said as she felt the urge to vomit start to flow through her again. "I don't think even the Cardassians would stoop that low."

J'Ela looked at the tortured twisted bodies, "What animal would do this?", she asked.

"I cannot say with certainty whether that was the intention of those who killed the Talarians," T'Risa responded, "But that was certainly the result." T'Risa scanned the surrounding bodies before scanning the direction the trio had been originally heading. "I'm getting a better reading on the three lifeforms I detected earlier, Commander. They appear weak but stable. They are also between us and this vessel's engineering section."

"Let's proceed with caution, and see what we are dealing." Andrea said uneasily. "I want to be sure of what exactly we are dealing with here, before I report to the old man." She said as he grimaced as she looked at the display of body parts around the area.

T'Risa nodded at her XO's cautionary note and asked, "Shall I take lead then, Commander?" gesturing to the other end of the corridor.

Andrea nodded. "Lead away, I want to get to the bottom of this ASAP."

T'Risa nodded, taking lead down the corridor, falling the lead of the sensor readings to the three (barely) surviving crew members.

[ Space, Near Talarian Freighter ]

Holt opened a channel to the away team as his eyes watched the energy build up. =/\= "Holt to away team, I'm picking up some spikes in the core, you may have less time than we thought." =/\=

"Commander, if I might make an inquiry of Lieutenant Holt?" T'risa asked Andrea.

Andrea just nodded to her junior officer. "Go ahead."

Tapping her commbadge, T'Risa opened up the channel to the CAP commander. =/\= "Lieutenant Holt, Lieutenant T'Risa. Would you scan the hull of the Talaranian vessel and advise me if you are picking up an unusual level of verteron particles embedded in it?"

=/\= Copy that, beginning scans. =/\= Liam said over the channel, the sensors on the fighter were mainly designed for combat, but Starfleet being Starfleet put sensors that still could do a decent amount of science. =/\= I'm picking up readings of 300 ppm. =/\=

=/\= Thank you Lieutenant Holt =/\= There was no sign on the Vulcan science officer's face or in her voice whether she got the answer she was expecting or not.

=/\= Copy that. Holt out. =/\= He replied.

"We must hurry if we are to stop the core breach and the anti-matter containment fields from failing", J'Ela said flatly..


[Talarian Freighter]

After the quick interchange with the CAP commander, T'Risa led the trio through a corridor of more bodies, each displaying the savagery in which they had died.

The "trail" the tricorder was following led to closed doors, behind which were the three faint lifeforms. Next to the sealed doors was the Talarian equivalent of a Jefferies tube, leading downward.

"Engineering section is right below us, commanders," T'Risa told her two superior officers. "I believe that is the entrance to this ship's auxiliary control," the Vulcan added, gesturing at the sealed doors. "And that's where our three survivors are. If you would cover me?"

Andrea drew her phaser and looked around the area as T'risa went to work. She was feeling very very uneasy about this whole thing.

T'Risa wedged her fingers in the seam of the closed door, and with a barely audible grunt, forced it apart. Inside the room were three Talarians on the floor, unconscious. Two were missing an arm, and all three had cuts across their bodies, but someone had applied tourniquets where the limbs had been cut off. From a trail of what appeared to be blood, it looked as if the three had dragged themselves into the room. Whatever had killed the rest of the crew had not pursued these three survivors.

"Alive, but barely," T'Risa announced, kneeling down by one of the prone figures.

J'Ela wasted no time as she moved quickly to the engineering console and activated the auxiliary power so there was power to the console. All of a sudden you heard klaxons going off and red flashing lights indicating pressure buildups in some containment units and others that were failing. There were coolent leaks that had already made the situation critical and J'Ela was having a rough time trying to keep the ship in one piece. "Commander.....there is just too much damage to keep her from blowing. I am trying to give you time to do your jobs must hurry!", she said as another coolent leak erupted. "Fek'lar!!!"

"Understood, Commander," T'Risa responded. The Vulcan science officer was about to rise to her feet when one of the Talarian officers suddenly became conscious. He said something to T'Rise in a voice too low for the other two Starfleet officers to hear. He then pressed a small, printed book, covered with splatters of Talarian blood, into T'Risa's hand before losing consciousness again.

"What was that?" Andrea asked T'risa over the hissing of the leak. "We need to evacuate who we can, and then notify Holt to get this ship away from anything it can damage or hurt."

"A collection of stories from the fringes bordering the Wastelands, Commander," T'Risa said as she stood up, heading toward the console that J'Ela had just powered up. "Collected and adapted by Yalist the Aleatorical, the Orion novelist, almost a century ago." As her fingers flew over the console J'Ela had just powered up, the Vulcan added, "In his brief moment of consciousness, the Talarian officer quoted a line from one of the stories within. 'The spiders blind, with their webs of snow and ice, come dancing from the darkness, hunting for those who disturb their sleep.'"

T'Risa said nothing for a few seconds before adding, "I believe I can extract at least part of the ship's log, Commander, if you can give me two minutes. And the Talarians should be stable enough to transport."

"I will try, no guarantees", J'Ela said as her hands moved skillfully over the control panel. It wasn't long before the entire section went into red lights signaling the antimatter containment fields has reached critical. Just as they did, another klaxon went off signaling the core would breach in 45 seconds not leaving much time for escape.

"Lieutenant, Commander, we are out of time. I can do no more. We have 40 seconds till core breach. It is now or never!" J'Ela set out three transporter enhancers around the wounded and the team. "I took the precaution of bringing these. We need to move now!", J'Ela said with an urgent voice.

The announcement of her imminent reduction to her component atoms didn't seem to phase the Vulcan science officer in the slightest. Instead, her fingers maintained a fast but precise pace over the panel.

"Transfer of the ship's log to the Sutherland is complete," T'Risa announced. "Though there are unexplained gaps." The last was said as the Vulcan stepped inside the triangle of the transporter enhancers.

"Alright you heard the Lieutenant, everyone let's pack up and get back to the ship." Andrea stated. "Sumner to Holt, we are evacuating you will have 40 seconds till this core breaches, to get it out of the way of anything that will be damaged or hurt."

Taking the initiative, "Everyone inside the enhancers please quickly. Wounded also and prepare for emergency beam out", J' Ela said quickly. Watching everyone hustle inside the transporter enhancers, J'Ela stepped in last. "Hang on to your panties ladies and gents", she said. =/\= Sutherland transporter room, Emergency beam out=/\= J'Ela hollered 20 seconds before everything blew.

Starbase 214's transporters locked onto the wounded Talarians while the Sutherland's transporter locked on to the away team. Within moment the familiar blue hum of the transporter beams activated as quickly as they had arrived they finally vanished in thin air.

With the away team and survivors clear the fighters moved in, taking up four equidistant position around the mid ship they engaged tractor beams. "Expand warp fields to overlap." Liam ordered, his instruments reading confirm, "Green leader taking direct control of flight." He said activating overrides that allowed his ship to temporally control the other flights. The fighters then accelerating to warp for a split second before dropping to impulse, but deactivating the tractors while at warp to cause the freighter to hurtle forward at warp, moments later a tiny explosion in the distance indicated the maneuver had succeeded.


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