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Posted on Tue Oct 8th, 2019 @ 9:20am by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant T'Pryss & Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Lieutenant Borel Ellis

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Main Ready Room
Timeline: MD 38

The Sutherland still had been in orbit of the planet n the unknown system, still Starfleet had not responded to their message that the sent out three days ago; until then he was having conversations between the small colony's leader a Commander Sturek about details and information on what happened, and what they have gathered about the planet and the system. During that time he made his Chief Medical Officer and Counselor available to them, he wanted to make sure that they were mentally able to handle space flight should they choose to return to the Federation. Also he provided the counselor because he wanted to bring them up to speed with past and current events that the Federation had endured these past eighty five years. He was sitting in his office reading the latest science reports from T'Risa when his door bell chimed. "Enter"

Having finished off a few group sessions with the colonists and a lot more counselling sessions with others on the planet, Sky had arrived back aboard ship with a report. She smiled as she walked into the ready room. “My report on how it’s all going so far Sir.” She handed Tyson a PADD. “Those I’ve spoken to so far seem to be coping with our arrival, some families are obviously finding the idea of leaving appealing but others are finding it a difficult decision whether to stay or leave.” She tucked her hair back behind her pointed Romulan ears out of the way now she was alone with her CO.

"I can believe it, for some that has been their only home that they have known; for others they have been told stories about their true homes and families and they want to be apart of that. I can honestly say that I am very much impressed that these officers and people were able to come together to build a community to stay together," he said as he slightly shook his head thinking of the same prospect that could happen to them.

“I think they’re all completely amazing!” Sky smiled. “They have such community spirit, now we’re here it’s stirring up a whole host of emotions that go right back to when they, or their ancestors, were first stranded here. The children are mostly all finding it one big exciting change but it’s more complicated for the adults.”

"I can believe that, however we have a chance at returning these people back to their families, no doubt able to heal old wounds that have been left open for the past 85 years. Doctor Arlin, what do you have to report?"

"They're in relatively good health, captain," Lena reported. "From their surviving medical personnel and what they managed to salvage from the ship, they've done all right. Nothing on the planet that I've found makes it inherently inhospitable to humanoid life."

"Sir, I was talking to Lieutenant Ellis a little while ago regarding the colonists and we had some ideas. Do you mind if he joins us?"

"Not a problem I am interested to hear his perspective on this as well," he stated as he leaned back in his chair.

Ellis entered the ready room and nodded to those present, his eyes lingering on Sky a moment longer than the others. "Captain, I've completed a review of their physical infrastructure. They're alright for the moment, mostly they need supplies, however if the population remains command will likely need to direct colonial supplies and resources to actually built up a proper colony."

"In my opinion Captain, there are those who would most likely stay if we could provide them with the necessary starting supplies and regular help from Starfleet." She smiled as her eyes rested on Borel before turning to Tyson. "I was saying the same thing to Lieutenant Ellis when we discussed this earlier."

Edward swirled around in his chair and picked up a small silver tea kettle that was slowly heating up and poured himself a cup of almond flavored tea and added a lump of sugar and slowly swirled the liquid around. "I figured that some of the colonist would more than likely love to remain," he said as he continued stirring the sound of the slight clanking of the cube of sugar against the cup sides as it slowly dissolved. He picked up his cup of tea and slowly took a nice soft sip of the brew as he swirled back around to face them, "However, I am not sure that Starfleet Command would approve a colony this far into the Wastelands; and even then that will be up for the Federation Council to weigh in as well. Sadly to say that could take a while to cut through the diplomatic red tape to have figured out," he said as he set his cup of tea down on a saucer that had the words Sutherland spelled out in blue around the Starfleet symbol saucer. "Also as Lieutenant Ellis is more than well aware, Starfleet Command is going to want to debrief the surviving crew members of the Columbia that were left alive" he also added.

Sky nodded. "Of course Sir, I guess all we can do for now is wait and see what happens next. I wouldn't recommend forcing these people out of here, it could end up being messy!"

"The last thing we want is for things to get messy, and none of us want to use force to get these people to move, and the last thing I would expect is that..." suddenly Edward was cut off when the voice of a young ensign came over the comm channel. =/\=Bridge to Captain Tyson. Sorry to disturb you sir, but there is an incoming transmission from Starbase 72, Admiral Woodard.=/\=

"Patch the Admiral to my console," replied Edward. "Excuse me briefly, I've been waiting the last three days for this call." A few moments later Edward's view-screen shifted from the standard Federation symbol to the face of Admiral Woodward on the screen.

"My apologizes it took so long captain, but your quite a way out from Starbase 72," boomed the admiral.

"Aye sir, did you happen to read my report on the current situation?" inquired Edward.

"I did captain, and we've been in contact with the Federation Council. We haven't heard anything yet, however I contacted Captain Waters on the USS Elena two days ago and ordered her to your location at best possible speed. She should get to your location in about 16 days, and from their she will attend to those stranded from the destruction of the USS Columbia. Also Captain Tyson according to our records we show that the USS Columbia is reported as missing in action, but I cannot find any additional follows up or reports to this. I am happy to find that the case is finally closed with survivors but I want to know why Starfleet never followed up."

"We will wait for the Elena to arrive, I am sure our Chief Science Officer will be extremely happy to hear that as it will give her more time to study the planet. We will await for the Elena to arrive and once she does we will remain in system for a day or two and then continue on our mission."

"Excellent work captain, I'm glad that the Sutherland was able to bring these people home. Look forward to more reports, Woodard out."

"Well, looks like the Elena will be taking over this part from us; but we still have more than two weeks. Tell me how were these people able to survive this long on a planet much less a system like this?"

“Sheer determination for one Sir.” Sky looked at Tyson. “They went through hell, landed here and had to use every resource at their disposal to stay alive. They’ve learned to adapt to their environment, at the start it was with hopes of rescue but as time went on they came to realise that rescue wasn’t coming.”

"I think when they discovered the spatial distortion that it would be a safe haven for them as far as protection goes, but I think it blocked the distress signals from getting out. It is amazing how we were able to pick up their power signatures much less anything else. What adds further confusion is that Starfleet had no additional follow up for the Columbia, standard practices is that ships are sent our to search the area: and nothing was logged in regards to that."

"Starfleet unfortunately has lost more than a few ships back then that never really had proper searches." Ellis chimed in, "With your permission Sir I'd like to work with Ops to get them supplied with provisions and equipment from our own stores. It should make things easier for them for the time being. As well there's the potential for this place to develop into a real colony."

"Agreed, we have more than enough supplies and also I want you to coordinate with Engineering as well. I want them to assign a few engineers to this makeshift colony, and get some power generators up and running. Some additional prefab shelters, and also some replicators and a portable shield generator as well. I myself will speak with Captain Waters on this subject, as we do not want a repeat of what happened to the Maquis. Mr. Ellis strategically would a colony be good out here since it takes 2 weeks to get here by warp 8, or should we actually think of relocating them closer to Federation territory? I know this region of space is not fully explored and the last thing I want to do is help establish a colony in the middle of a danger zone?"

"I think the people would be opposed to being told by a distant power that had effectively abandon them that they need to move because their presence is inconvenient. That was also a part of the cause of the Maquis" Ellis said.

“That’s a good point” Sky nodded. “Some of the colonists were born here, they’ve come to call this place home. It’s all they’ve ever known I’m not sure how they’d react to being forcefully uprooted.”

"From our tactical assessments of the region there does not appear to be any major threat to them nearby. That could change as we explore the region more but for now, I feel trying to force a move would do more harm than good to the populous." Ellis said. "As well, once we can get a subspace relay installed for them and get them two-way communications going again they could provide regular updates on their status, while I know they didn't start out as colonist, most of the ones I've meet over my time have liked the fact that they're a little removed from the high traffic parts of the galaxy, there's a reason people avoid living on core worlds."

"Agreed, but the majority of these people do not know anything about the core worlds, only stories. Also there are only four vessels assigned to this region, granted we can stop by and check on them. However if something goes wrong we will not be able to respond in time, also I am still weary about putting Federation personal in harms way. I will not force anyone from there land but also it is our duty to guarantee a colony's safety if they are going to remain in the Federation; if they are not then they are totally on their own. Also don't forget that the Columbia was destroyed, those 14 Alrakis Pact ships were destroyed as well, something is out here that is lurking in the shadows."


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