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Meeting of the Minds

Posted on Sat Jan 25th, 2020 @ 11:41am by Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Lieutenant T'Pryss & Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Lieutenant Liam Holt
Edited on on Sat Jan 25th, 2020 @ 7:48pm

Mission: Echos in the Dark
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 01

"Captain's Log Stardate 69239.2, it has been two weeks since the Sutherland has arrived in what is being called the New Columbia system, since that time we have been transporting additional supplies and amenities to the Federation Colonists down below; it would be sometime before official Federation aid would arrive, and it was determined why not make them more comfortable with new and updated technologies. We received word from the USS Elena that they will be arriving in the system soon, and I hear they also bringing aboard a new addition to the Sutherland's senior staff; our new Chief of Strategic Operations whom I am looking forward to meeting. Computer End Log."

[Counselor's office]

Sky was busy in her office, she’d been catching up on all the crew psyche evaluations starting with the lower-ranked officers and working her way up. Knowing how awkward some officers could be about attending evaluations she decided springing it on them at the last minute was one way to get them to attend without a million excuses. Putting down the latest PADD she breathed a sigh of relief as she found she had some free time, the beauty of arranging her own appointments was she could give herself a break every now and again. She headed to the replicator to get herself a nice cup of hot chocolate and a chocolatey treat to go with it.


Liam settled into the CONN, having just finished leading a CAP around the system, the geosynchronous orbit above the colony site meant little for the pilot on duty to do so he was taking advantage of any opportunity to pass off the bridge shift on junior officers. Many who were excited by the chance to pilot the ship, even if it was just holding orbit.

Andrea walked onto the Bridge and straightened her uniform, noticed Liam. "How are things going Liam?" She questioned as she walked up to him.

"Good, ready to break orbit and get exploring again." Liam said with a laugh.

Sky walked out onto the bridge, her two-fold job as Counsellor and Ops certainly kept her busy. She nodded politely as she took over from the crewman at Ops and took her seat.

Allowing Sky a chance to keep her Ops duties and skills up to date, Jacen stayed at the Auxiliary Ops position at the rear of the Bridge. He was happy that the ship had come through her first mission back in the field in one piece and wondered what was coming next for he and the crew.

Edward strolled onto the bridge from his ready room, he had been having a delightful conversation with Starfleet Command in regards to the New Columbia settlement; basically they were going to be sending out an evaluation team to see if continuing the settlement would be feasible. He was annoyed as he reminded Starfleet about the possible rebirth of the Marquis movement and according to them, the Marquis have been dead and disbanded since the Dominion War; and that any power they had was snuffed out long ago. "Has the Elena arrived in system yet?" replied Edward as he walked towards the center chair in a bit of a soured mood.

J'Ela noticed immediately the captains mood as he walked onto the bridge. He looked angry and a bit disgusted like someone had not listened to his advice. "Something wrong Captain", she said softly.

Sky checked the readouts on her console. “According to the readouts, she entered the system a few minutes ago Sir.”

"Good," he replied as he sat down and crossed one leg over the other. "Boq'ta, inform Captain Waters that when the Elena enters orbit to beam over as we need to talk in person."

Tyson leaned over to Andrea and gave a disgusted sigh "I am sick of Starfleet Command, it appears that many of them have not learned the lessons of the past; the Maquis are the reasons why the Dominion War started, and they want to treat these people like the Americans treated the Native Americans," he stated as he crossed one leg over the other.

"It is easy to forget history." Andrea commented "Even recent events, unfortunately, it often means each generation repeats mistakes, over and over."

"That was literally a hour out of my life that I will not get back, but Starfleet Command is stuck on attempting to relocate these people. That's why I need to speak with her in person, I want her to see what we see; attempt to try and make this settlement a minor colony, should the colonist want to stay," he said to her.

Jacen looked up fro his station as his console beeped for confirmation of his query. "Captain, the Elena is in transporter range,"

"I'm heading to transporter room one, the bridge is yours, Andrea," replied Edward as he walked off into the nearest turbolift heading to greet Captain Waters.

"The Elena is taking up position 20,000 kilometres ahead of our orbital position," Liam confirmed from the helm.

-Bridge of the Elena-

Jasmine was reading the PADD her Executive officer gave her earlier in the shift. Not really sure why but she had orders to rendezvous with the Sutherland mid-mission. "What the devil does Starfleet want us to do now?," she asked her XO.

"I have no idea captain but whatever it is, it must be important enough to pull us off our current mission", said her XO. "Shall I let the Sutherland know we are within transporter range?", he added.

"Yes let them know. You have the bridge Number One", she said getting up to head for the transporter room.

=/\= USS Sutherland, this is the USS Elana, Captain Walters will be beaming over in a few minutes. Elena out=/\= he said closing the com channel.

-Bridge of the Sutherland-

Liam was sitting at the helm watching the view screen, the planet appearing to rotate although he knew that at this altitude it was actually the Sutherland's who movement was causing the sight. "Transporter room signals Elena is ready to beam over their Captain." He reported.

Jacen wandered over to Liam's position at the helm to run some quick checks on the helms response systems in line with the sensor board and the linkages in-between. "I can't wait to see what this is all about, everyone seems so... unhappy suddenly," he said quietly to his colleague.

-Transporter Room Sutherland-

Edward walked into the transporter room and straightened his uniform jacket so that he could at least look presentable. The transporter Tech acknowledged that he was ready to being transport, and with a nod of his head the young ensign activated the transporter console and suddenly the blue beam of light started to materialize on Sutherland's main transporter room.

It was a smooth transport from the Elana to the Sutherland as Jasmine materialized on the pad. "Permission to come aboard Captain Tyson?," she said smiling.

"Permission granted captain," replied Edward as he took a few steps forward with his hand extended.

Stepping off the transporter pad Jasmine grasps Tyson's hand, "Thank you, Captain Tyson. I am happy we could meet finally. I hear good things about the Sutherland and your crew", Jasmine said.

"I want to thank you for agreeing to meet with me captain before we shove off, I wanted to speak with you about the Columbia colonist on the planet below, and try to discuss options that are available to us in regards to their," he said as he took a brief pause choosing his words carefully. "Current predicament."

"Predicament? I am sorry captain but I am not sure what you mean? I have no intention of moving anyone from this planet", Jasmine said. Looking at Captain Tyson quizzically.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear Captain," he said as he pointed into the direction of his ready room. If they had time to discuss what would be happening to these people, hopefully Jasmine would know the role that she was to play against the Federation council. "If you would, we have a lot to discuss, "he said as the transporter room doors closed behind to two captains.


Talena had finished compiling her official medical report on the colonists some time ago. It had supported the captain's conclusion. There was no pressing need to move these people. Starfleet Command having disagreed, she was trying to busy herself with administrative minutia, there being nothing she could think of that she could do to change the situation. Her mind was also on recent history, on people moved about for the sake of the Sheliak and the Cardassians.


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